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A Man Of Constant Sorrow Essay

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A hero, according to Webster Dictionary, is defined as “a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities.” Heroes are very noble and do great things just like Odysseus, the epic hero of Homer’s The Odyssey. He must deal with incredible obstacles like battling a Cyclops and making a trip to the underworld. He still attempts to achieve sophrasyne, or the Greek word for restraint. Ethan and Joel Coen wrote and directed the movie, O Brother Where Art Thou? The movie is based off The Odyssey and there are obvious similarities. The main character of the movie, Ulysses Everett McGill is also a cunning leader as demonstrated by him escaping jail and returning to his family. However, ...view middle of the document...

He eventually tell his friends that there was never a treasure as seen here: “‘Uh, the fact of the matter is - well, damnit, there ain't no treasure!...Fact of the matter - there never was!’” Ulysses lied to the people that he was chained up to and lead them to believe that they would be rich . Ulysses took advantage of his cell mates for his own selfish game which is why Odysseus is the more noble hero.
Odysseus and Ulysses are both extremely clever, but Ulysses uses his cleverness in the wrong way. Odysseus uses his strategic mind set to escape trouble. For example, when he was attempting to get out of the Cyclops cave, he said his name was nobody to trick the Cyclops. Odysseus announces, “‘Nobody- that’s my name. Nobody-/ so my mother and my father call me, all my friends’” (9.410-411). Here, Odysseus portrays his cleverness because if the Cyclops thinks Odysseus’s name is Nobody, when Odysseus harms him, the Cyclops will appear idiotic when he says Nobody is hurting him. Ulysses uses his quick wit to take advantage of people. For example, when he tricked the blind radio man to giving him more money for singing the song “A Man of Constant Sorrow” into the radio, as seen here: “‘Okay sir, but Mert and Aloysius'll have to scratch Xes - only four of us can write.’” Instead of taking the money that they actually earned, Ulysses tells the blind man that there are more singers than there actually were to make more money which is very dishonest. As seen by this evidence, both Ulysses and Odysseus are clever, but being a noble hero depends on how they used their intelligence to either save themselves and their crew or to outsmart people, which shows why Odysseus is a more noble hero than Ulysses.
Both Ulysses and Odysseus are loyalty but again, Ulysses is loyal to be sure his selfish plans can be accomplished. For example, when Ulysses and one of his cell mates, Delmar, break their other cell mate, Pete, out of jail, but it is solely for Ulysses’s sake. As seen here, Ulysses and Delmar free Pete from jail: “He is raising a large, long-armed, short-nosed pincering tool. He locks the nose...

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