A Man Of Greatness Essay

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A Man of Greatness
Philip Rivers is undoubtedly a man with extreme talent. An NFL quarterback who is underestimated and underrated. Neither Philip Rivers nor the Chargers have received a Super Bowl win; should that take away from the countless awards and records he has broken? Does a Super Bowl make or break a player’s true status? {THESIS}
The History of Philip Rivers
Philip Rivers was born on December 8, 1981 in Decatur, Alabama. A small town on the outskirts of Birmingham, Alabama. Philip’s parents, Steve and Joan Philips, had two more children following Philip when he was in his teens. His brother and sister, Stephen and Anna. Philip was into sports since the age of two; He loved football and basketball. His competitive edge came from his mother, while the athletic ability that Philip shows on the field was instilled in him by his father. Philip was so confidant in his athletic ability that at the age of eleven he turned in a Sports Illustrated cover page with his face plastered on it for a school project. Not only did Philip believe in his abilities but so did his parents. They were so confident that Philip would receive a full ride scholarship thru college that they chose not to put money aside. Philip skipped throwing a youth-sized football around and jumped right to a college-sized football. He had already established his unique throwing action that would continue to be talked about for years to come.(Kennedy)
Philip followed in his father’s footsteps, who was once a linebacker for Mississippi State in the 1970’s and moved on to be the head coach for Athen’s High School, where Philip attended. Philip would play his first official game in 1996 and not see a bench until he was a rookie in the NFL. It was then that his father decided to put Philip in as a linebacker, not a quarterback. By his junior year in high school he became the starting quarterback and at the top of the list of many scouting agents. During his senior year he received an offer to graduate early and become the starting quarterback for North Carolina State; He jumped at the opportunity. Philip stood at 6’5” and over 225 pounds during his freshman debut. It only took a few days for Philip to prove his talent, determination, and leadership skills that no quarterback had been able to contribute to the team. With his unique throwing action and amazing ability to adjust to any obstacle put in front of him; he proved to be one priceless asset to any team. (Kennedy)
During his first season playing for NC State he threw for over 3,050 yards and 25 touchdowns. During those amazing 3,050 yards he blew thru six school passing records and was awarded rookie of the week with a record high of eight times. It had been over forty years since NC State had an All-American quarterback with such extreme talent. NC State was now back in business and football was again, something to be excited about. With the Carter Finley Stadium games sold out and red jerseys embellished with the #17...

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