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A Man Of The People: Political Analyzation

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The book A Man of the People is a postcolonial view on politics that is written by the author Chinua Achebe. There is a set stage of corruption, embezzlement, adulatory and bribes which all tie to the political arena that is described in the book. The political office won is has been merely a tool for the politician to secure wealth and control over a society being robbed for the self interest one mans greed. There are modern aspects of political campaigning. This postcolonial palace as some of the modern technologies we have today and some that we do not use. There is some major political difference from what was analyzed in the other book written by Chinua Achebe called Things Fall Apart. There are also some traditional similarities between the two books like polygamy and ideology of honor.

Some of the more modern aspects are use of political parties and what they stand for. Some examples of such parties enlisted in the book are the P.O.P. which stands for Peoples Organization Party; another was the C.P.C which stands for Common Peoples Convention. It is comparable to the Democrats and Republicans that we have today in the U.S. Another is that advertisements like today are seen on billboards, cars, and posters. They can also be herd on the radio, and unlike today are played on loudspeakers that are placed on cars. There are speeches given and a voting system set in place for electing candidates. There is even a pension system that Odili Samalu father benefits from because he retired from being a government interpreter. There is a funded government educational system in place, that which shows that there is a modern type government in place.

There is much corruption that is tied to the way in which things have been structured in the book. The current president which is Chief Nanga has been using taxes to fill his own desires and buy off problems. He is has building himself a four story house with the money he makes. He even goes to buying off a woman's father for her hand in marriage. His he supported by American and British capitalist interest whom fund his political party. There are strikes and violent mob attacks on official people...

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