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A Man Who Had No Eyes

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A man who had no eyes sees opportunities and not obstacles …. sometimes

1)In your view can Markwardt sell lighters again? Why and why not? Give reasons for your answers.
Markwardt is a man that self piety him self. He thinks he is the unluckyest person in the world. No one could suffer more than him. He can do anything. Its not posible for him to acomplish any thing in life. So he is selling lighters and the story of how he became blind. He is selling people emotions, so they feel sory for him and buy the lighters and give him a little exstra for the sad story.
Most likely I think the beggar will continue to sell lighters. He might be imbaressed for a little while but nothing else will happened. The reason for that is simply this; for many many years the begar have been limitied in his thoughts and self estem. He has only been focused in in this misery of all the thing that put limitations on him rahter than keep trying to succed. He is so easy just to to dwell in the past and not put effort into future. He didn't adapt to his new situation in a positvily maner like Mr.Parsons did.

2)How does “ If you say you cant, you wont reflect in C/E patterens, in other words, how did each man respond to a life event? Why was their decision about self value the cause and how did
they handle the choise the effect afterwards? What's unique about them as a pair?

Mr Markwardt is the negative charackter in this story. He didn't handle the situation well. In the same accidents as Mr. Parsons he lost his vivsion too. But the things that make him negative is; Markwardt decided to take the easy way and eventually became a blind beggar. He didn't search for a job like Mr. Parsons did. by just giving up. He had been so sorounded by the pain and missery. He is old, poor, sick, unseccesfull and a liar. His lie is cought by Mr.Parsons because the story Markwardt tell is opposite. Markwardt is bigger threw Parsons out of the way tog et out from the fire. But to sell lighters he tell that he is left behind which is not true.
It is understandable for a person to be so cut up in lifes event that, they don't have to stamia to do anything else than just survive. Live day by day and soon they wont have the will power for wish to fight for a better life. Their fear will take over and they will be paralyzed.
Mr Parsons on the other hand is a person to admire. He is rich succesfull and have achived much in his life time. Kind and genourous. He did not give up. He keept struggling and fighting for a better future. The point is he adapted to his new situation once he became blind rather than just be sad and cry. He is positive in the story comparing to the Mr.Markwardt because he was in the same situation. The both lost their eyesight in the chemical accident. But they ended up very different. Mr. Parsons stayed positive and chose to overcome his fear on a early stage and struggle. Soon his determination and strong will and effort paid off. He was maybe just a low...

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