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A Mans Only Fear. Gilgamesh Only Fears Death And Because Of This He Becomes Somewhat Selfish In His Journey To Everlasting Life

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A Mans Only FearLife is considered to be precious and something to be treasured. Individuals spend their lives looking for people to share it with whether it is with a friend or with a spouse. Life is often taken for granted until one is exposed to death. Death is feared by many because of the questions that go unanswered. There is no way of knowing what death is like since when someone dies they cannot come back to tell the story. Gilgamesh took life for granted before Enkidu was created. Before Enkidu, Gilgamesh lived pretty much alone. Once he had someone to share his experiences with Gilgamesh began to appreciate life more and was forever changed. Then, Enkidu was taken from him by ...view middle of the document...

When Gilgamesh had someone to share his life with he enjoyed life on a new level. He felt no one could stop Enkidu and himself. All throughout ones life one looks for people to share their life with. There needs to be someone who understands them, someone for them to relate to. This gives a person a reason to live life. Gilgamesh and Enkidu found that with each other. Gilgamesh went on a pointless journey with Enkidu just to show the town that he and Enkidu were heroes. Then it happened. After Gilgamesh and Enkidu killed Humbaba and the Bull of Heaven the gods felt that one of them needed to be punished even though the gods said it was acceptable to kill them. Gilgamesh most likely felt responsible for Enkidu's death. Gilgamesh questioned killing Humbaba when it came down to it and Enkidu said it was what the gods wanted and they should respect that. Gilgamesh also killed the Bull of Heaven. Yet, Gilgamesh was not the one to die. Instead, his one and only friend was the one to die. Gilgamesh did not understand why Enkidu had to die and was not able to deal with that. He blamed himself for what happened and wassuffering inside. Gilgamesh never knew these feelings were possible because he never cared before. Often times today there are levels of grief when one dies. The stages are denial, anger, bargaining, letting go, and acceptance. What the individual is actually trying to do is find answers. Death is something that cannot be explained. Man is put on earth to live, and then one day die. Gilgamesh, in a way, goes through the stages of grief. He was changed when he met Enkidu and is scared that his life will return to that of isolation, but that is not possible. The love Gilgamesh had for Enkidu forever changed him. There is no escaping death unless one is eternal, and for Gilgamesh, that was something only the gods could grant him.When Gilgamesh goes on his search for everlasting life, he is actually going on a journey to realize that death is a part of life. Gilgamesh is scared to die and when he finds out that he is not going to live forever he must accept that. With the gods always looking out for him, he felt untouchable. He had no choice in the end of his journey but to go back to his kingdom. Gilgamesh is two parts god and one part man. He is above everyone else in his kingdom. He is the most handsome, the strongest, and the hero. What Gilgamesh had to realize is that if all of that went away, he would just be a man. He mourned the loss of Enkidu and was left with more questions than answers. Even though Gilgamesh wished for immortality and was denied, he...

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