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A Mansion In The Middle Of A Lake

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A family bought a house in the middle of a lake.It was night time when they moved in.
Kate was horrified."It is scary in here." Mom surly,"It is okay."Kate went to bed with her sister and three brothers.In the middle of the night Evan got up curious about what was going on downstairs.As he walked downstairs,his sister,Emily yelled,"wait!" She took his hand as thhey both walked down stairs.As they reached the bottom they saw something pass by.Emily said,"Hello?"
Evan happly,"Hi,"because he could see the ghost like it was real person.But Emily on the other hand could not see the ghost at all. Evan asked,"What`s your name?" Emily asked,"Whose name?" Evan said," His!" Emily pointed out,"I can`t see what you`re talking about! Evan exclaimed,"He's right there."A second later Eyan came down the stairs. Emily said,"I'm going up stairs to get Kate."One minute later Emily came back down the stairs with Kate .Kate asked,"What has happened so far?" Emily said horrified,"A shadow went by when we came down.Also Evan was talking to someone." Kate asked,"Who were you talking to?
Evan exclaim,"Him!Wait,Where is he?" Emily and Kate said

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