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A "Marilyn Monroe" Life Essay

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  Most people hear the word “conspiracy” and think of an assumption of a made up story or almost like an urban legend. According to Merriam Webster, the definition of “conspiracy” is an agreement between two or more people to commit an unlawful act to accomplish a lawful end by unlawful means. This definition will play a key role in, the late superstar, Marilyn Monroe’s death.
  Marilyn Monroe was born on the first of June in the year of 1926. In her youth she was also known as “Norma Jeane Baker. Marilyn Monroe resided in Los Angeles, California. Monroe spent very little time with her biological family. At approximately two weeks old, Monroe was placed in the first of many foster homes, guardianships, and orphanages. Due to the unbalance of her youth, she suffered an insecure childhood leading to sexual molestation and a very early marriage.
  At age nineteen, Monroe was discovered at her job inspecting military parachutes by an Army photographer. At age twenty, she took her first screen test and signed a contract with 20th Century-Fox where she adopted her stage name of Marilyn Monroe. In 1956 she legally changed her name from Norma Baker, to Marilyn Monroe. Monroe’s contract contract lasted seven years and she started out her career playing small roles such as, The Asphalt Jungle (1950) and All about Eve also of 1950. She caught a big break with her more intense roles entitled Clash by Night (1952) and Don’t Bother to Knock, also of 1952. With roles like these, she were able to show off her true talents starring as a psychotic babysitter in Don’t Bother to Knock.
  Fast forwarding to the tragic death of Marilyn Monroe, which happened on August 5th, 1962, many writers and social media believed to have different opinions and multiple stores about her death. To the roll call of famous original stories about the death of Marilyn Monroe is:
Marilyn: the Final Days, Marilyn: the Last Sitting, Marilyn: the Last Take, Marilyn: the Last Months, Marilyn: the Last Word, and the Last Days of Marilyn Monroe, Michel Schneider’s Marilyn’s Last Sessions, Doubtless can now be added to the list. One main problem with Schneider’s novel is that he accepts false premise of almost every book re-guarding Marilyn’s death. (New Statesman p.50)
  Schneider uses Smith’s fantasy of Green-son’s transcript of Marilyn’s death as a guide for his writings which made them very biased and opinionated.All of the articles attribute to the conspiracies and assumptions of how Marilyn Monroe died. The real question is- is how did Marilyn Monroe really die? Spoken by the transcript of Green-son’s “we’ll never know the truth about what happened because suicide and murder are only mutually exclusive hypotheses when you’re dealing with conscious acts and motives. In the unconscious, suicide is virtually always a form of murder and murder can also be a form of suicide.”-Green-son’s.
  There were accusations of Marilyn Monroe being upset and depressed. On that fateful night of...

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