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A Marilyn Monroe Story: Then And Now

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A Marilyn Monroe Story: Then and Now
The stunning Marilyn Monroe’s life has really been an interesting one. All of her motion picture films including The Seven Year Itch, which includes the famous scene where Marilyn is standing over a subway gate with her white summer dress flowing around her. That film also became a box office hit and is one of her well known movies still to this day. Marilyn got really famous for her work even though she came from a terrible background. Marilyn proved it doesn’t matter where a person came from and anything is possible if a person is determined to achieve their desires. Starting out with absolutely nothing and then gaining everything, that is a really ...view middle of the document...

Not even a year had passed before she was shipped back to Los Angeles to live with graces Aunt Ana Lower. Ana was actually the only person Marilyn felt closest to and felt that she loved her. Even though she didn’t want to move, Marilyn was once again forced to back into grace’s house. Ana had developed health problems and could no longer care for Marilyn any longer. After Marilyn started high school she had to move back in with Ana, which her health was improved, because Graces husband had to transfer jobs and they had to move away because of it. Still living with Grace and her husband, Marilyn befriended their neighbor, Jim Dougherty. Even though he was five years older than Marilyn they ended up getting together. He worked at Lockheed Air-craft, they made defense equipment. Marilyn dropped out of school to marry Jim. Grace had pretty much made the arrangement for them because she didn’t wand Marilyn going with them to West Virginia. If Grace didn’t do that, Marilyn and Jim would have never gotten married or the marriage would have waited till later. Marilyn told everyone that they got married so quickly so she wouldn’t have to go back to any orphanages or foster homes. When they got married, their feelings for each other wee actually strong. They loved each other and had a lot of compassion for each other. Marilyn’s first year of marriage was spent as her being a house wife. Jim still worked at Lock-heed but eventually went into the Merchant...

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