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A Marketing Mix Analysis For Clothing Syrian Company

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1: Necessary Information Needed to set out this Clothing Business:There are many necessary information needed to set out such clothing Business. These include creating the market, positioning its products, splitting the management, creating a marketing plan as well as pricing the market/products. With this necessary information, this clothing business is set for success.First off, this business needs to create a market and by doing so it must set and prioritize its objectives concerning what share of the market it will try to capture and by segmentation as well. This is necessary because the business will need to set objectives concerning the targets; Men, Women, and Children for desirable apparel. This involves setting aims and targets, these aims will give a sense of direction or purpose. Possible types of profiler segmentation can be geo-demographic, psychographic, demographic or geographic. These will help in segmenting the market so the business can better understand its target. Second of all, the business needs to position its products. By doing so, a product policy can be of service. 1) It needs to find out what people want and the styles or how they would like to wear the clothing. 2) Decide what the clothing should look like, this means the clothes designs are up to date and suitable for the designated targets. 3) Making sure pricing is right for the target. Not only creating the market and having a keen understanding of the targets and positioning the products necessary information, but also splitting the management and building a marketing plan.Splitting the management will allow specialization to take place and by doing so the business must split the management into sections or departments. This can be done with an organizational chart, where the internal structure of an organization and how an organization is split into parts is shown. With individual managers taking duties they are best at, it will save the business time and profit because the managers know what to do and are specialized in doing it. This will also create an organized business with various known functions. Building a marketing plan is simple, once following the right method. A great known method is SOSTAC; Situation Analysis (this determines where this clothing business is now), Objectives (this determines where this clothing business wants to go), Strategy (determines how this clothing business is going to accomplish its goals), Tactics (the method this clothing business is going to achieve its objectives and goals), Action (the process that this clothing business will go about putting the plan to work and implementing it), and Control (the part where this clothing business will monitor and supervise the outcomes), and the 3M's; Men (the workers within this business and determining who will do what), Money (budget and answering how much will certain clothes designs or brand outfits and such will cost?), and Minutes (deadlines and time of which this clothing...

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