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A Means To An End Essay

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True happiness lies inside our hearts. We may live in different countries with different cultures, but we only have the same goal, which is to find happiness. All humans live in order to find and experience happiness in life. Happiness is the very essence of life because without it, humans would find it pointless to continue living. Happiness is what fuels the desire of humans because attaining it would bring pure bliss to anyone. It is one of the reasons why people are still living despite experiencing the pain that comes with living. People from developed countries are satisfied with the kind of living that they have because of the fact that they do not have a hard time getting almost everything that they want, if not all. These people from developed countries are materialistic compared to those from developing countries who are more sociable and are satisfied with just seeing their family. Source? Each person’s happiness depends on what culture and kind of living and environment he grew up in.

“The Pursuit of Feminine Excellence,” an article by Angela Miceli, states that women can be a mother and a career woman at the same time. Miceli quoted from an article, “First Things” by Elizabeth Corey, source? that there’s no possible balance between pursuing excellence in a profession and family life. This idea is true in view of the fact that most women tend to be concerned on with one than the other. Women may not be able to balance motherhood and career but they can manage to excel in both. Contradictory logic. How can they excel in both if they can’t balance them? If they can’t be balanced, the one needs to be subordinated to the other right? Women who sacrifice either of their profession or family are not totally happy. On one hand, educated women who sacrifice their career for their family feels refused refused? to develop and share their talents to the world. On the other hand, career women are sacrificing family to be able to pursue excellence in a profession, which not makes them totally happy because women have the inclination to motherhood. Managing both profession and family life is a matter of choice. Women are really special because they can multitask. Again, there’s contradiction here because earlier what you said was that they cannot balance both. And yet now you’re saying that they can multitask.

An article entitled “C.S Lewis: The Problem of Pain” written by Jacek Bacz, talks about Lewis’ notion of pain. Pain in Christian Theology is mystery. God is the source of all goodness, kindness and love but He allows us to experience pain. Experiencing pain and suffering does not mean that God is punishing us; He is just reminding us that we are still creatures. “Love is not mere kindness” (Bacz, 1999). For God, love is felt by pain and He makes us experience pain so we can learn from it. “Love is not kindness because the person does not care whether its object becomes good or bad, provided only that it escapes suffering” (Bacz, 1999)....

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A Means To An End Essay

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