A Media Essay On The Film Verison Of The Book 'of Mice And Man' By John Steinbeck. References To The Book Inculded.

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Film Review!The book 'Of Mice and Men' is a gripping tale by John Steinbeck and has been adapted for the cinema. Clinging to each other, the two characters are drifters working their way from place to place. Their destination is a ranch in the Salinas Valley. This gripping film has you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The whole film right to the finish is ominous (destined, fated, threatening, imminent, overhanging, impending). The film also has a cathartic effect on you making you laugh and cry. The film is about dreams, loneliness and violence. Men against Men, boys against boys. The violence in the film is clearly present in nearly every scene. Loneliness is in some scenes and dreams that people have are few and far between as people start to lose their faith. But the two travellers have one and one that might never come true. Dreams are shattered, friends are broken as friends become enemies and all hell breaks loose as violence rules. This film is featured around the characters and their struggle to live during the great depression. But is their hope in all the despair.John Ernst Steinbeck (1902-1968) was an American writer. His most famous book/novel is 'The Grapes of Wrath'. Steinbeck was awarded the 1962 Nobel Prize for literature. He died on December 20th 1968 in New York. John Steinbeck wrote the novel 'Of Mice and Men'. This was adapted for screen and the cinema. Two-time Academy Award® winner for To Kill A Mocking Bird 1962 and Tender Mercies 1983 Horton Foote adapted the screenplay. The film 'Of Mice and Men' was made in 1992 and was directed by Gary Sinise who also played George in the film. The Oscar nominee (for best supporting actor in Places in the heart 1984) John Malkovich plays the dumb, child-like Lennie brilliantly. Candy, the old worker on the farm who has only one hand after an accident on the farm was played really well by Ray Walston who also played a newspaper sales man in the film Johnny Dangerously. Casey Siemaszko played the short but tough boxer Curley, and Curley's not so doting wife was played by Sherilyn Fenn. 2513 people voted on the IMDb Website and gave the film an average 7.5/10.Lennie is a large, lumbering, child-like worker. Due to his mild mental disability, Lennie completely depends upon George, his best friend and travelling companion for guidance and protection.George on the other hand is a small, quick-witted man who travels with and cares for Lennie. He often talks of how much better his life would be without Lennie."Though George is the source for the often told story of the life on their future farm it is Lennie's child like faith that enables George to actually believe his account of their future." Spark Notes.This gripping film opened on a beautiful sunny day in fields of thistles and overgrown grass. The camera focuses on a young woman in a red dress (Moria Harris). She is running towards us. She is crying very heavily and her make-up is all ruined. Then the camera focuses on...

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616 words - 2 pages theothers could never understand. This is why Lennie had to diehimself, simply because within the society of man, he is abnormaland weak, and would never stand a chance.At the climax of the novel, Lennie's accidental killing of thewomen shatters the dream shared by George Candy, and for a shortwhile, Crooks and died with Lennie. Rather than see Lennietragically abused, and rather than let someone else kill him, (asCandy let another kill his dog and

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1839 words - 7 pages Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck: Film vs. Novel The film is severely different from the novel, as the director, Gary Sinise, made deliberate changes to influence the audience's feelings and reactions. He has altered and added scenes as he saw this as necessary to create the right kind of atmosphere and to keep the plot flowing. The whole story is about two men, George and Lennie. These are very two very different characters; the

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1709 words - 7 pages water from it. They wash their faces and on their way back to the bunkhouse, Lennie finds a mouse. He ends up kill the mouse because he breaks its head from petting it too hard, and he likes things that are soft. This reminds him of the time Aunt Clara gave him mice. They went back to the bunkhouse and cooked beans over a fire for dinner, and rested around it for a while. They are in the bunkhouse having a conversation

"Of Mice and Men" A comparison between the book and film

640 words - 3 pages The similarity between the book and the film "Of Mice and Men" is most evident. Even so, there are a few differences, some insignificant and other crucial. However, in the majority of the scenes, the dialogs are taken literally from the book.The first difference appears in the introduction of the film. The book starts by describing the surrounding landscape of the Salinas Valley where Lennie and George spend the night by the river. We learn that

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701 words - 3 pages Of Mice and Men - ComparisonThe name of this book/movie is 'Of Mice and Men'. The book was written by John Steinbeck, and the movie was directed by Gary Sinise (also stars as George). I will be comparing the movie and book, to see the differences and how effective they are.George and Lennie are men who travel around working at ranches. George is the small, quick-witted one, and Lennie is the big, slow, dumb and extremely strong one. They have a

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800 words - 3 pages the novel. Crooks is looked down upon by his peers and is considered inferior by most due to the color of his skin. He is constantly harassed and beaten up by his boss and those he works with. Furthermore, Crooks is not even allowed to socialize or go into the living quarters of the other men. In the novel, Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, Crooks is harassed and discriminated against by his peers, forced to live in a harsh environment and loses

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1093 words - 5 pages As Mark Twain once stated, “The more I know about people, the better I like my dog.” This sentiment is often echoed by general society; people seem to have lost faith in humanity. However, John Steinbeck illustrates his more optimistic opinion about “the perfectibility of man” by suggesting how man can improve. In his novel, Of Mice and Men, two tenants called George and Lennie go through many hardships all while chasing their dream of

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1210 words - 5 pages hand, Crooks, to comment on racial discrimination (Of...Themes). Steinbeck also includes a doc figure is his stories, Slim in Of Mice and Men and Casy in The Grapes of Wrath. This doc figure is a wise observer of life who epitomizes the idealized stance of the non-teleological thinker. “As a writer of worldwide influence, Steinbeck has helped America to understand herself by finding universal themes in the experience of men and women,” (“John

Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck

1539 words - 6 pages ) Conclusion To summarize, Of Mice and Men is a book of only 185 pages, but it is big in its accomplishment. (Oliver, 1937). As readers, we can easily find our resonance with the figures in the story. We can even feel their soul under Steinbeck’s description. This fiction by John Steinbeck retain the power to effect today’s readers and to reflect 21st century conditions that remain issues in the country that Steinbeck so valiantly tried to reform

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

2622 words - 11 pages , Thomas. "A Teachable Good Book: Of Mice and Men." Censored Books: Critical Viewpoints. Ed. Nicholas J. Karolides, Lee Burress, and John M. Kean. Scarecrow Press, 1993. 388-394. Rpt. in Novels for Students. Ed. Diane Telgen. Vol. 1. Detroit: Gale, 1998. Literature Resource Center. Web. 27 Apr. 2011. McArthur, Debra. “John Steinbeck: The Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men.” Marshall Cavendish Benchmark. New York. 2009. Parini, Jay (1992-09-27). “FILM; Of Bindlestiffs, Bad Times, Mice and Men.” The New York Times: 7. 1937-12-05.

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

2035 words - 8 pages . Of Mice and Men texts and Broadway play were both received well by the critics and audience, making John Steinbeck a household name in the 1930’s. The Broadway adaptation even won the “best play” award from the New York Drama Critics' Circle Award. His book Grapes of Wrath sold more than ten thousand copies a week when it was first released. This book also won him his first Pulitzer Prize in 1940. John’s last and best award occurred in 1962 when

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