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A Meeting Between Tom Robinson And Arthur "Boo" Radley.

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Creative WritingQ) Write a transcript of the dialogue between Boo Radley and Tom Robinson.In Heaven in the year 1959Tom Robinson: Good morning, Mr. Radley. How are you doing today?Arthur Radley: Mornin' Tom. I'm fit as a fiddle. How might you be, this fine day?Tom Robinson: I'm all right, I guess.Arthur Radley: Come on Tom! We are in heaven now. There's no need to feel blue about the time you spent on earth. This is a fresh start. Here, we can forget our past sorrows and concerns and try to fulfill all our hopes, dreams and desires.Tom Robinson: I guess you are right, Mr. Radley.Arthur Radley: Enough of this 'Mr. Radley' business. Call me Arthur. No need for racial prejudice to be carried all the way here.Tom Robinson: Yes, Mr. Radley- err…Arthur…Can I ask you something? It's a little bit of a personal question.Arthur Radley: Sure, Tom. What's on your mind?Tom Robinson: If you could go back on earth, what would you want…to do, I mean?Arthur Radley: Well, for one I would hope to become a part of a society where I won't be judged based on untrue rumors and where people will let me be who I want to be. I also hope that my brother and I become close again because all these years, it wasn't just my father who kept me locked up; it was also my brother- Nathan. Being locked up and kept in the dark for so long can really make a man miss talking and interacting with people. I never used to be much of a 'people-person' but boy-oh-boy have I missed talking and interacting with people. I hoped to become a man of purpose, but I never succeeded. I also wish to speak more to Jem and Scout because in a way, in all my years while locked up, those two children were the closest things I had as companions. I also hope that the Maycomb Society will realize I am not the person they have made me out to be. They have labeled me a violent, heartless killer when in truth I am not. What would you want, Tom?Tom Robinson: The one thing I really want now is to be with my family. I wish so badly to be there for them and spend time with them but I cannot. I don't even know how my wife is coping in supporting the family. I am just grateful that all the people in my church try their very best to help each other so at least I know they will have food to eat and a bed to sleep on. I am sure that people like Atticus will make sure my family is well taken care of. Another thing which I really want is a world where whites and blacks are treated equally. Where people's guilt or innocence is not determined by the color of their skin but is actually determined by a fair and unbiased trial. But alas, I guess that is something I shall never see. I can only hope that my wife, children and grandchildren live in such a world.Arthur Radley: Yes, I can understand. I myself have been the victim of such prejudice. But there there, Tom. I'm sure your family is holding up fine and as for your other desire for a world where people are equal, I think that that is going to happen...

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