A Meta Analysis Of The Impacts Of Soy Milk, Skim Milk, And Fermented Milk On Cholesterol Levels

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Five studies were found that coincide with the study selection criteria for on the effects of fermented milk on cholesterol levels. Although some studies do not agree, a consensus can still be reached. Five studies were found that agree consuming fermented milk products helps to lower cholesterol levels. Of these studies Agerbaek et al., (1995) conducted a six-week study on fifty-eight healthy, non-obese males with normal cholesterol levels, all were age forty-four. Participants were randomly placed in either the fermented milk or placebo group; the placebo consisted of milk cultured with non-living bacteria and the fermented milk was fermented with E. faecium and two strains of S. ...view middle of the document...

The results showed that the swine strain is not as effective as the human strain. All of the reduction percentages were higher for the human strain, except HDL levels. Figure 1 is a graph comparing total percent change of HDL, LDL and total cholesterol for each strain. Overall, both treatments had cholesterol levels below baseline levels at the end of the study, showing the effectiveness of fermented milk on lowering cholesterol and exposing the fact that some strains of bacteria may be more effective at lowering cholesterol.
A study by Richelsen et al., (1996) also confirmed fermented milks abilities to lower cholesterol. This study compared a new type of fermented milk, which was fermented with two new strains of bacteria, E. faecium and S. termophilus, with a placebo that was a chemically fermented product. The study found that the new type of fermented milk was not superior but that fermented milk does lower cholesterol. The study was a six-month study on eighty-seven non-obese and normocholesterolemic males and females with ages ranging from fifty to seventy. Participants drank 200 ml of either the fermented milk or placebo with their first meal of the day. The participants were asked to not eat or drink any fermented milk products 2 months before the study began and during the study were told not to change their diets. After the first month women drinking fermented milk showed a significant drop in LDL by 8.12 mg/dL, after three months a 12.37 mg/dL reduction, a 9% reduction, but no significant reduction after the next three months. In men the same linear trend was seen but the reduction was slower. After three months a 12.76 mg/dL reduction was seen. In the placebo group there was also a reduction but it was gradual. The results of the experiment showed that LDL levels evened out for all groups to be about the same reduction by the end of the study.
The study by Kawase et al., (2000) showed that there was indications that fermented milk could be used to lower cholesterol from an eight-week study of twenty men with total cholesterol over 200 mg/dL and between ages of thirty to fifty-one. The men were randomly divided into a fermented milk group and a placebo group. The fermented milk was fermented with L. casei and S. thermophilus. Participants were instructed to drink 200 ml of fermented milk or placebo in the morning and evening. The results showed that total cholesterol levels dropped in fermented milk and rose in the placebo group. The average total cholesterol reduction for fermented milk was 8.9 mg/dL. See figure 2, which is a graph showing the...

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