A System In Need Of Repair

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A System in Need of Repair? Entirely too many abusive people escape detection by social services. In contrast, thousands of families experience the trauma of a false allegation of abuse each year ( Swarens, 2). The social services system in the USA is in serious need of repair, states Tim Swarens in his article, " A System in Need of Repair" written for the Indianapolis Star .In his article, Swarens tells the all too familiar story of a family falsely accused of child abuse. When a social worker and a police officer showed up at Shirley Calabretta's door and demanded to check her daughter over for signs of abuse, she was horrified. Authorities had acted on an anonymous tip. After finding no trace of abuse, Judge Andrew Kleinfeld ruled in Calabretta's favour on two issues. The first being, that a warrant was necessary to enter the Calabretta home and second, the officer and social worker had violated the mother's authority and her dignity, by searching her daughter.Swarens goes on to say that this case "illustrates problems with how we protect children in this country [United States] "( Swarens, 1). The first being that authorities acted on an anonymous tip. "The caller could have been a concerned citizen, or nothing but a vindictive neighbour " (Swarens, 1). The second problem the author found was that the social worker was extremely biased by the 'red flags' raised, upon learning that the family was very religious and that the child was home-schooled. Lastly, Calabretta admitted to "occasionally spanking her children". The worker told Calabretta that this was illegal in California. It isn't "(Swarens, 1). The worker was attempting to push her views on Calabretta.Swarens concludes his...

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