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A Mind Of God Essay

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How do you think like a Christian? I believe this is the main question this book is answering. The author says that there is a major divide when it comes to how we approach the very act of thinking. He mentions that Christianity is being secularized and degenerating into a pathetic version of itself or, more significantly, Christianity is actively being colonized and displaced by a different religious faith. He defines "thinking Christianly" as "thinking by Christians, about anything and everything in a consistent Christian way; in a manner that is shaped, directed, and restrained by the truth of God's Word and God's Spirit." He says there is either something outside of ourselves that we ...view middle of the document...

I believe God wants us to remain loyal to Him and to our family and others He puts in our lives. Thinking like a Christian comes from the mind and the heart. It is motivated by a love that wants the best for another person. Thinking like a Christian also demands trust. When someone is loyal to God's way of thinking there relationships and every aspect of their life is strong and deep. This is not built on circumstances, popularity, or convenience. Thinking like a Christian is built on devotion to God and love for those we care about. When people ask me why I'm always so happy I am able to share my mind and my heart.
The book uses 1 Peter 3:15 to describe how he needs to outthink people who challenge his faith. Reading the Bible is essential to having a Christian mind. Reading the Bible is the foundation of the Christian mind. White says that from reading alone he gained a sense of the current shaping of the world; from reading alone he could understand the prevailing worldviews assailing Christianity; from reading alone he could take the Word of God to the world. Reading the word fills our minds with knowledge, instruction and insight, exercising the mind. Unfortunately knowledge is not common, and wisdom is a rarity in today's culture. The author...

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