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A Minute Saved

Today’s society appears to be constantly on the go. People seem to be pulled in multiple directions at once. Individuals never appear to have enough time to complete tasks that continually accumulate. It can be difficult to criticize someone that tries to make the most out every minute. Unfortunately, some of today’s drivers show a lack of judgment and trying to perform other tasks, while behind the wheel. People may feel this is best use time while getting to a destination. Occasionally, the small amount of time that people are trying to gain results in a time consuming accident. With modern conveniences that are geared toward an on the go public, individuals appear to be ...view middle of the document...

When states have failed to lower speed limits or enact seat belt legislation, the federal government has withheld federal highway money in the past.
Safety does not appear to be the first thing on the mind of drivers. Motorists commonly give an impression that other activities take presidencies to driving. It may not seem like much to be talking while driving but, “The National Safety Council estimates that at least 1.6 million crashes — 28 percent of the total — are caused each year by drivers using cellphones or texting” (Brody). Not only do phones seem to be a problem, but people try to accomplish other task such as eating or grooming while driving. “Distraction accounted for 16% of traffic deaths in 2009 (up from 10% in 2005) and for 20% of injuries” (Economist). It seems safe to assume that people have passed other drivers on the road performing another task other than just driving. These preoccupied motorists potentially are a danger to all drivers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration believes, “Even when a motorist is looking straight ahead, the cognitive demand of a phone conversation may cause “inattention blindness,” or a failure to respond to visual cues because the mind is somewhere else” (Levin).
Even though statistics show that driving distracted is unsafe, drivers may feel that they are competent enough to avoid an accident. With road conditions that can change every second, people do not seem to comprehend how much effect distractions have on their driving. If a driver’s eyes leave the road for two seconds, at sixty miles per hour, the vehicle will travel one hundred seventy six feet in that time. This only seems to leave minimal space for a vehicle if to come to an unforeseen stop? Drivers should also realize that roads change daily. Unexpected hazards can cause problems for the most diligent drivers. Sometimes, when society fails to knowledge and correct a dilemma, legislators have to step in and amend...

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