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A Mirrored Journey Essay

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I always wondered what it would be like to see myself in a new way. Like traveling through a mirror into another world, where I’m different. My personality would be different, while my appearance would be “perfect.” So when I turned 15, I knew what I wanted to do: discover what the world would be like with a new ”me.” A new Jasmine Violet Silvria. So, since I was tired of what I looked like now, I walked over to my yellow framed mirror in my bedroom. The mirror was always rather dusty – who wanted to spend time cleaning their
mirror anyway? My reflection was dusty and boring. I looked like every other bored teenager on a Saturday afternoon. I mean, come on, I can’t even look fashionable in ...view middle of the document...

Talking with a British accent and begging her students to help her moves boxes full of plastic paintbrushes was one of her favorite pastimes.
“Ok Ms. Skylark, I’m coming.” I strode over to her desk and picked up one of the lightweight boxes.
“Jasmine, you look rather peculiar yourself. Were you feeling alright when you got dressed this morning?”
“Really? I thought this was outfit was pretty fashionable in today’s world?” I mean, come on. Two people in one day that think I’m weird? Strange.
“Oh yes, on some people it is fashionable, but just maybe not on other people. But, thank you for helping me with the paintbrush boxes. Run along to class now!”
“Um, yeah sure, Ms. Skylark, see you later!” I didn’t know what else to say! Besides, I really did have to run to class. Otherwise, fashion weirdness may not be the only thing my Spanish teacher was complaining about today!
“Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis…” I recited my Spanish numbers to a tittering class. What was it with everyone today? Everyone seemed to be making fun of my new fashion sense.
“Thank you, Jasmine.” Ms. Josémetro, my Spanish teacher, replied to me. “Class, quiet down. Jasmine, please take your seat.“
I took my seat as Sophia, the Ms. Fashionita of the class, came up front to recite her Spanish assignment. I always called her Ms. Fashionita because she always wore whatever was fashionable, but her actual name was Sophia. Maybe you had to act snotty and rude to be fashionable, but I was not going that far to see how fashionable I could be. All I did was change my look and clothes. I did not need to change my attitude any more than I already had. But still, I wondered, why are some people really fashionable, while others just can’t seem to be fashionable?
“Hi Jasmine! Whoa… What happened to you? Get dressed wearing a blindfold or what? This outfit is totally not you.“
“Look, stop criticizing everything I’m wearing, Hope. This is getting so annoying. Two days in a row? You still can’t stand my outfit? Then instead of criticizing at me, why don’t you just tell me what’s wrong with the outfit?”

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