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A Modern Adaptaion Of The Rich Man And Lazarus

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By inborn nature, Man does not hate wickedness, and love virtue. God gives us lessons to show us how to live good and Godly lives. The below story is a modern adaptation of the Rich man and Lazarus

Brian, a young business executive, started a small software company in his mid twenties. He would invest long hours developing his business, often working late into the nights. When the business became profitable, Brian incorporated and went public through a stock offering. Flood gates open and money poured in the company coffers and Brian grew exceedingly wealthy.

Brian purchased the finest penthouse that his money could buy. After all, “I deserve it”, he would boast to friends. Expensive white Italian silk suits, alligator shoes, and a red Lamborghini sports car with license plates that read “MONEY” were his trademark. His penthouse apartment held a sweeping vista of the city along with elegantly appointed rooms, marble entry, a swimming pool and a sauna. Art work from the masters and rare collections were an impressive site to visitors. Brian had all the latest toys and electronics gadgets a young man could desire. A staff of servants cooked, cleaned and pampered him where ever he desired.

Brian attracted attention where ever he went. Editors from Money Magazine, Barrons and Wall Street Journal were always competing for interviews. Everyone wanted to be with and listen to Brian. After all he was a rising star and the golden boy with a Midas touch. Beautiful women flocked to him like a magnate and Brian loved it. He would host elaborate parties and invite the “movers and shakers” of business, industry, media and society.

John, worked for Brian s software company as the Janitor. Due to a brain injury from birth, he did well to pass the 12th grade. Often times his speech would slur and he had muscle coordination problems. His job paid minimum wage with no benefits. The company allowed only 35 hour work week to contain costs. Each month, due to his birth defects an onslaught of medical bills would arrive in the mail. Some months John would have barely enough money for groceries. However, John was happy with his life and would whistle as he went about his duties. He was always honest and would tell you a straight forward answer when asked.

At work Brian would openly scoff at a the frugal life of John the Janitor and those like him. He would tell everyone, “the only reason we hire John is because he works cheep”. He would openly make jokes about “Gimpy”, his pet name for John. Brian derived satisfaction by tormenting John showing him his cars, rings and possessions. He would ask John if he had ever been to exotic destinations like the Caymans and Tahiti recanting his wild exploits. Brian took delight in hosting private business parties at his lavishly decorated apartment with exotic imported gourmet delicacies, meats and expensive wines. He would have “Gimpy” clean up afterward,...

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