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A Modest Proposal For Preventing The Obese From Being A Burden To Their Country, And For Making Them Beneficial To The Public

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A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Obese From Being a Burden to Their Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the PublicWalking around every city on Earth, you can be assured to see one thing in common. The Obese wobbling around from building to building, having breaks at park benches, even steps and bus stops but not waiting for the bus. And always, always eating. Their enormous girths take up twice as many seats, block doorways and paths and blot cityscapes and urban views like birdshit on a pavement. The quivering flesh, male and female, visible to everyone at beaches, wrinkling away like forgotten peas is a sorrowful and disgusting sight for every non-Obese citizen. The majority of the Obese also tend to be sporting suits worth several hundred times the normal gym fee. The only exercise the Obese take part in is the amble to their vehicles, again worth a hundred thousand times their very clothes. In Australia alone, 20 per cent the population consists of the Obese with 6 per cent of children already taking part in the Obese lifestyle. The nation spent 58 billion Australian dollars just last year on health care as well as factoring in the loss in job productivity and other related costs of living.I offer a very simple solution that not only keeps the economy stable (except without the role of junk food, cars, women and clothing), and reduces the expenditure of the government on health care, but also keeps the eyes of the non-Obese pleased and provides an incentive for the former-Obese to exercise more and keep fit.In a nutshell, I propose that every individual above the mass of 100 kilograms for females and 120 kilograms for males, without official medical reasons about their weight or the weight proven to be chiefly from muscle, must be exposed to compulsory liposuction treatment. As mentioned earlier, they Obese tend to be part of the wealthier classes of society, so they should be able to give up a little of that wealth with their fat. The strange fraction of the Obese that can prove that they cannot make the payment(s) will be helped by the government. This program should be advertised as it will increase the nation's image of health and impress foreigners and other countries, maybe even influencing them to implement such a program within their own borders; fewer Obese bodies to glimpse when travelling and a healthier world for all.A person that receives this liposuction treatment might produce as much as 5 litres of fats. The question arises what to use this much fat for and how to use it efficiently.Another suggestion I make on top of my proposal is that we use the fats collected from liposuction clinics to be used for various cosmetic, industrial and household products. The list below shows the many ways this program can...

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