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A Modest Proposal: On Preventing Illegal Immigration Through The Southern Border

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The doors to the land of America have been left wide open, and with the smooth southern breeze flowing inside comes the risk for an assortment of disease, political and economic failure, and violence. These are brought in by illegal immigrants from Mexico who walk into the country by the millions without second thought. Americans are forced to pay high taxes for the price of citizenship, many swimming in poverty and struggling to get by while the infestation of Mexican illegal immigrants snatch away jobs and feed off of government services that were paid by well-meaning citizens. At the same time, these aliens often start up gangs, bringing violence that affects the everyday lives of ...view middle of the document...

These communes would be regulated by the military to ensure that all work is done properly, and prevent anyone from escaping. Several laws will need to be repealed concerning the issue of slavery, but with such great benefits in favor of the United States, surely the vote will be unanimous. With this kind of labor force and resources, the United States would be able to manufacture products efficiently and cheaply, even more so than China (as the workers still demand a form of payment), ultimately boosting the amount of exports and becoming more self-reliant. Massive debts could easily be paid off, the deficit resolved, and more funding be set aside for the American people especially in Social Security, education, healthcare, and welfare. The standard of living for ordinary Americans would go up with the booming economy, as companies expand to take advantage of this very profitable venture, and more jobs would be created in design and office work.
Once the Mexican America is well and fully established, the border that stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean will be obliterated. Soldiers who originally patrolled the land would no longer have to do so; instead, they can be sent in for more productive work, such as monitoring the communes. The new border of America would be a shorter stretch of land along Mexican America’s boundaries, shared with Guatemala and Belize, so it would be marginally easier to control. Considering the fact that aliens in America send off hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to help support their families in the south, that money would stay in the American economy rather than be counted as a loss.

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