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A Moment In The Life Of A Confused Child Whose Imagination Clouds His Perception Of Reality

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Brewster's eyes leapt from within his deep, vermilion cloak. "Jaime, you'll do it," he demanded. A timorous group of children encircled the two. Brewster moved amongst them, his motion a silent rejoinder, encompassing all of them. "You'll do it."Jaime shifted nervously, hands fumbling his swollen and silken coat, his eyes feverous."Do it!"Jaime moved backward but the faces descended with his. His hands plucked the fringes of his coat. The children giggled:"Now!""Do it!""Jiggle the belly, Jaime!"A scattering of mulch and a woman's insistent voice stilled their play. "Brewster, come with me." Privately, she continued, "Brewster, you mustn't pick on Jaime."Brewster was ...view middle of the document...

Brown and old, the faded paint peeling, it was nevertheless quite formidable. There was a weakness, Brewster knew; and great purpose swelled within his head."Friends," Brewster said, his eyes exulting. "I've a plan." The children edged closer, tentative. "The school will fall!" There was hushed surprise and reverent susurrations. Wide, brimming eyes pleaded for his vision. "I've a spike and a hammer. You see, we'll hammer at the cement supports. It'll break, and fall. The school will fall!""The school will fall!" The children rejoined."Come on, I'll show you. It'll work."A voice, faint under such portents, called recess's end. The children gathered into their classroom and slipped slowly from their eagerness.Brewster's body was strewn listlessly about his desk, his eyes averted from the lesson and lost among the wonders of the classroom's wooden wall. Some distant part of his awareness discerned an alphabet being flung with what could only be a pedant's flamboyance. The dusty man at the front of the classroom asked Brewster whether or not he wished to read. No, Brewster replied, he didn't. He had tried before, and failed. The man insisted. Brewster focused on the page: the letters failed him, but he likened order to pictures, making the necessary associations for sound. He read, slowly and deliberately, about Dick and Jane. He stumbled whenever he approached an order not yet known, but proceeded doggedly nevertheless. Finishing to congratulations, he swelled with pride.The dusty man gestured at Brewster's voluminous cloak and said, "Your shirt is rather messy; you mustn't wear white when outside."

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