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A Moment Unforgotten Essay

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Tyron HolmesFebruary 2, 2004Essay # 1A Moment UnforgottenMost people consider me direct; I speak my mind. However, one day, my former best friend did something ignorant which left me speechless. Furthermore, this incident led me to become more cautious of the people around or close to me. The event that forever hunts my memory is the time I lost respect for a former friend due to a rude statement.On a gloomy Tuesday morning as I strolled through the senior courtyard, I spotted Nick Canto, my best friend. We remained close since grade school and practically grew up together. Although he and I went to different elementary schools, we both attended camp Christian; a bible school for kids. From ...view middle of the document...

Reluctantly, I resided outside the group because I did not care too much for any of his fiends. Not knowing that I was near, Nick told the group of students a joke that he exclaimed to be hilarious. Everyone clustered into a tight circle. "What is the difference between a black person and a bag of shit," he questioned. They all appeared to be puzzled; no one responded. "The bag," he explained. The students chuckled. However, Nick seemed shocked because none of the students knew the answer. Furthermore, it was then, April 30, 2003, only twenty-five days before graduation that our friendship took a turn for the worse.As he began to tell another racist joke, Nick noticed me standing behind him. He jumped up as if he was about to deliver a speech in the presence of a live studio audience. The kid seemed traumatized. However, I stared at him for a couple of moments with hatred oozing through my veins, but unfortunately, I did not speak. My throat felt parched and my mind ran wild. On the inside I felt betrayed and backstabbed. I envisioned myself strangling him till his last breath. This mind-boggling situation prompted me to question why a best friend, a brother, a pal would make such an unforgiving statement. Unfortunately, I did not discover an answer.He apologized and explained to me that the joke slipped out of his mouth. Dissatisfied with his response, I staggered away. I did not want him to apologize. Moreover, I sought to create a time machine because I wanted to avoid this affair from occurring. But unfortunately, this fretful event ended our relationship.The ruthless experience not only left me frustrated, but my social...

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