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A Moments Impact Essay

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When looking into our world’s history, what do you see? What do you want to see? Is what you see what you want to see? How about when you look into the present? Is it similarly related to your perception to this place we call home? In this moment, can you look into the future and see where we are headed or consequences from the present? To understand the human thought process on the why’s and where’s and how’s. God created a select group of special people to study the limitations of our mental capacity. These people have a burning passion that resides in their soul; guiding them to explore the outer bounds of the human existence. For it was a moments impact on our future that a group of people decided to explore the human mind and how it relates with our daily lives, social interactions, habits and personality.
One of the most incredible people of all time is Dr.Albert Bandura. To say that this man has influenced and pushed the study of psychology to unimaginable heights is nothing short of the truth. He is a pioneer in the theories on personality psychology, cognitive psychology, education and psychotherapy (Cherry Kendra). His impact on the world of psychology is nothing short of pure genius. After his first book called Adolescent Aggression we, meaning every person who had access to it, had a new understanding of the social laws that govern our ability to behave as social beings (Stumm, 2005pp30-32). For the majority, it was common belief that we as humans learned our social behaviors and moral right’s and wrongs from being force-fed this information. Through the repeated enforcement of verbal and physical consequences it was thought that this was how we developed into a person on common practices, that is, in regards to our manners, customs, etiquette etc. Dr. Bandura strongly believed in previous scientific traditions. However, he also noted that these traditions were “prescriptive and simplistic.”(Stumm, 2005.pp30-32).
In his book Adolescent Aggression, Bandura introduces many ideas, including: self-efficacy, active beings, and self-regulation. The idea of self-efficacy is core component to the social cognitive theory. This theory shows us how a person’s own mindset before attempting to accomplish a goal directly affects their outcome (Pajares). For example, if Joe has been accepted into undergraduate school but he doesn’t think he is capable of college level work than Joe has dramatically decreased his chances of success simply because of his own mindset. This is linked to the social cognitive theory and how a person’s motivation and well-being will influence their...

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