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A Mosaic Of Opinions From The Immigrant Of America

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America has always been made up of immigrants from all over the world. Together, they create a mosaic of different opinions. Every individual’s beliefs about politics and policy issue, is acquired through political socialization. Political socialization is implemented at an early age through family. Although this small network plays a big role in political socialization, personality also has influence that may sway an individual’s belief. Personality drives an individual to choose where and with whom they will discuss politics. As well as whether they take part in different political activities. Observing and taking note of someone’s personality overtime may lead to knowing their political beliefs. Therefore, there is a relationship between politics and personality.
Literature Review
Politics is the process that must take place whenever the nation elects its governmental leaders. The policies that the selected officials pursue are also part of politics. If it were not for politics there would be no authoritative decisions made on public issues. In the United States, there are two different political parties: the Democrats and Republicans. Democrats being those who believe in equality, whether it be politically or socially, among all people. Democrats have liberal ideology. While Republicans are more centralized on individual rights. This party possesses a conservative ideology.
From here any individual has the right to politically socialize and hold the political ideology of their choice. Political ideology are behaviors that are a reflection of the preference of individual, whether liberal or conservative, when in relation to policies. It has been believed that political attitudes emerge only after an individual takes part in political socialization (Verhulst, Eaves, Hatemi 2012, 35). This created the assumption that young voters had weak political attitudes, which would become definite in their mid-twenties (Verhulst et Al.,2012 p. 35). However, this idea has recently been disproven. Findings have shown that political attitudes start to develop at a young age. Prior to an individual’s first school year, there are certain precursors present that will trigger the development of political attitudes (Person 2010).
Despite the early development of political attitudes, Hibbing states that personality has a mass influence over the behavior of an individual (Hibbing, Ritchie, Anderson, 2010 p.603). The motive behind an individual taking part in a political rally could be traced back and explained by their personality. However, it is important to keep in mind that a particular personality trait or political attitude is not derived from a specific set of genes (Verhulst et Al., 2012...

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