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A Film With More Than One Connection

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In the film District 9 (2009), biopolitics plays a role in in the social segregation of populations, and through the manipulation of political power based on eugenics and characteristics of living beings. Although biopolitics is “conventionally understood as positive and productive” and supposed to be used as a method to lead to benefits such as in doctrine, discipline, law, and policy, it often leads to racism and discrimination (Prozorov 191). Although some governments use biopolitics as a way to manage entire populations, it is not always in the best interest of all the populations. In the film I acknowledge that biopolitics is used negatively towards the aliens, in order to benefit the humans, and that most compare this movie to the apartheid that happened in South America. However, I want to show how the film may not only be relevant to the apartheid but to other biopolitical situations throughout history. The film displays how biopolitics is used to control the aliens, which has close ties to the Apartheid but I would like to demonstrate how this film has more meaning and connections than just one and how through historical fiction we are able to make one scenario the display of many.

Historical fiction plays a huge role on how biopolitics is portrayed in the film District 9 (2009), because there is a general consensus that the viewers watching the film know that some of the scenes and actions that took place in the film are based on real life events. Historical fiction makes it so that some of the viewers feel as though they are watching a science fiction thriller, however they are also watching a movie that has many truthful components to it. For instance, the aliens or ‘prawns’ in the film represented the ‘black’ Africans that were part of the apartheid that happened during the 20th century in South Africa, so here we can see that although the aliens are fictional, they still represent what actually happened in history. The private military company Multinational United (MNU), who in the film represents the army that is controlling the Aliens, actually represents the government-sanctioned military that removed the ‘black’ Africans from their homes in district 6, and moved them to government-controlled area outside of District 6. District 6, is another example of how historical fiction is used because in the film it is represented by district 9. These are only a few examples of historical fiction within the film yet; make the film more intriguing, and interesting to the viewer than just a history film alone. Rose believes that “history is always altered to the lenses of present time and subjectivity it is perceived”(Rose, 216). This leads many to not pay as much attention to history because they believe that it is only in the perspective of which the government or teacher wants to them to know, and in fact that is often the case. But somehow when you tell the viewer that it is a science fiction movie, they are more intrigued by it and it...

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