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“A Multidimensional Perspective Of Causality On Community Violence”

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Violence unfortunately is an always has been a reality in our world since man’s conception. The first violent act that is recorded for us in scripture is that of two brothers; Cain and Able. We might ask the question what is it that causes violence to the magnitude where one brother rises up and slays his own brother. Is it not a truth that all the families of the earth constitute one family? Why did Cain kill Able? Why and how is it that generation after generation this phenomenon continues unchecked?
In our text there are statements made that plague our hearts as we search for answers; for example under the heading of violence, the phrase,
1. “Keeping violence away from children requires ...view middle of the document...

Murder, robbery, burglary, rape, drunken driving, child neglect, and failure to pay your taxes all are common examples. However, as several eminent criminologists recently have noted, the key to understanding crime (and/or violence) is to focus on fundamental attributes of all criminal behaviors rather than on specific criminal acts. Instead of trying to separately understand crimes such as homicide, robbery, rape, burglary, embezzlement, and heroin use, we need to identify what it is they all have in common. Much past research on crime has been confounded by its focus on these politico-legal rather than behavioral definitions.
Last but certainly not lease, either in content or length, is a most disturbing comparison of the psycho-social make-up and similarities between surviving children who have experienced the violent death of loved ones in comparison to Palestinian and Apartheid traumatized community.

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