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A Myriad Of Colours Essay

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Once upon a time, a chameleon escaped from the zoo and somehow ended up on a cargo ship. It was a wonder how the chameleon did it. But she was a chameleon, one that can camouflage. It doesn’t make it anymore unbelievable now. So, one day after the chameleon feasted on the leftovers left by the foul-mouthed sailors, She slowly made her way up to the top container. When she reached the top, she felt bliss, being able to see the sunset from the best seat on the ship. Then the ship suddenly jerked. Little chameleon always thought the captain to be high. But a chameleon was a land animal, she didn’t know about the rough waves and the currents of the sea. Anyhow, little chameleon didn’t mind it, ...view middle of the document...

There was her piece of driftwood, floating around waiting for her.
One day, Little Chameleon landed on a beautiful island. It looks uninhabited. But she felt so happy, because there was solid ground and food!!! Little Chameleon kept dragging the piece of driftwood with her because she is very attached to it. That piece of driftwood is her savior. She felt grateful and blessed.
On the sandy beach, she met Little Cat. As Little Chameleon was alone all along, she felt the need to socialize. She approached Little Cat to start a little chat. But Little Cat was faster.
“I like your piece of drift wood.” Said Little Cat.
Little Chameleon murmured a shy Thank You.
At first Little Chameleon was a little wary of Little Cat because she experienced betrayal first handedly when she escaped the zoo. She learned not to easily trust people because the can and would lie while looking straight into your eyes. “But Little Cat likes the same thing as me so she must be a good person,” Little Chameleon thought.
Day by day, they talked. Day by day, their bond grew stronger. Little Chameleon thinks that it’s fate that they met. She was once again very grateful that God is looking out for her. But winter is approaching fast and the island looked so very lifeless, Little Chameleon coloured herself a dead brown because that was how she felt, dead. Little Cat had problems of her own and Little Chameleon was left alone with her thoughts.
During these times, Little Chameleon would go to the beach and wallow in the waters; there are times when she went deep under. Little Cat was always there to drag the piece of...

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