A Mysterious Success Essay

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The movie “Searching for Sugar Man” has an amazing message. It begins with a mystery about a Detroit singer-songwriter known as Rodriguez who, after being discovered at a dive bar, cut a well-regarded record in 1969. The album was “Cold Fact”, and it earned good reviews and four Billboard stars, but it was not a hit in the United States, and Rodriguez became a mystery. Which brings the filmmaker Malik Bendjelloul to film this documentary to find some answers in what truly happened to Rodriguez? The film was successful because the director shows viewers that even though an accomplished goal might not be recognized by others, they can still be a success to one.
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In the film it shows what his life was and the jobs he had to do in order for him to earn money. As a musical artist his albums were not paying off, so Sussex Records had to fire him because people were not buying his records.
The most amazing part of all this is the fact that Rodriguez never knew he was popular in South Africa, yet his album was making money there, and Sussex Records did not tell him anything about it. When they interviewed Rodriguez they asked him if he knew that his album “Cold Fact” was a hit in South Africa he responded no. Rodriguez found out that he was this pop icon when he talked through the phone to a man name Stephen Segerman, nickname Sugar, and told him that he was famous in South Africa. Rodriguez had thought that he was joking and did not believe him at first until he had done the concert in March, 6, 1998 which was his very first sold out concert. This is where it becomes interesting when Rodriguez decides to go back to Detroit which was odd because Rodriguez was a pop icon to the people in South Africa. Rodriguez had fame and money in South Africa which any other musician would want to have. Questions were being asked as to why he did not rather live in South Africa where he could have everything and his response to that was “Nothing beats reality”. To Rodriguez the life he has in South Africa is just a fantasy to him and his life in Detroit was reality.
Rodriguez did not expect all of this, for all he knew was that his albums were not being bought in the United States, but he did not know that in South Africa people loved him. Although, he was not...

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