A Myth Of A Pure Political System.

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        Introduction- What is a pure political system

        Society, Religion and Politics

        History of Political Systems




What is a pure Political System? In this essay my intentions are to give an idea of what is a pure political system. Then move on to find out if there is already a pure political system or has there ever been one in history. If so what happened to it? Is it possible for it to exist in every society? Does society have an effect on political systems? Is the way structure of politics decided by the value of each society's culture and tradition? If there isn't a current flawless political system, can it ever be made to exist? Even if a pure political system exists, can it ever be immune to corruption? By comparing societies in different regions and looking back in history to find evidence of a Pure Political System in these societies, it could be possible to find out just how much the societies and the head of these societies affects their politics. Only major geo-political systems will be looked at since every political system in history had developed in different geographical locations depending on the needs of the people, the economical resources available and religion. An important thing to always understand is how all these are linked in each society.

Society, Religion and Politics

In the 21st Century we are all taught to believe that the right political systems are those that exist in countries like America, Britain and other parts Europe. We are taught this in the reading of books and the watching of television programmes from the west. All of these sources have influenced and changed the way the rest of the world thinks. It is therefore better to look at each society while it was untouched by the ways of another.

The best ways are by comparing different political systems of societies from different geographical locations. Since the traditional and cultural values of each society are different, the thinking and the way of life would be very different if compared to one another. Therefore, a political system to one society is likely to be different if compared to another. At the same time, western society might be unfamiliar to the ways of the eastern society and vise-versa. Sometimes as time passes, there develops new theories of new political systems by great thinkers. So we see one political system being changed to another. This proves that it's impossible to take just one time frame as different political systems developed at different time lines.

In each society they have adopted to a mutual understanding of what's right and what's wrong. So it can be said that what's right for one society might not be the same for the people living in another. What happens then is that one society who might not want to...

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