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A.N. Wilson, Hitler (New York, New York: Published By Basic Books 2012)

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A.N. Wilson’s short biography named “Hitler” recounts the life of Adolf Hitler in quite an impressive way. The biography focuses on the time from Hitler was a child all the way up to his final breathe in the bunker. Wilson made many valid points throughout the biography that debunked the myths that Hitler had told the people throughout his life. Throughout this masterful piece by Wilson, you will learn who the real Hitler was. This story made you feel like you were a person in Germany back in those days.
Hitler made statements in his own novel named “Mein kampf” that explained the hardships that he had to endure in his early childhood. A.N. Wilson did not agree with those statements Hitler made at all. Instead he gathered evidence that proved Hitler had lied about those “hardships”. The findings from Wilson showed that Hitler was not living in uncomfortable conditions; instead it was the complete opposite. Hitler had received money from the deaths of both of his parents and that provided him with a comfortable income. Hitler never worked nor attempted to work a single job in his life. These findings supported the argument that Wilson presented because of the accuracy of the facts that have been provided. A.N. Wilson believes Hitler’s military service wasn't even credible. His superiors often described him as lazy and not the leadership type of soldier, not to mention he didn't even serve in the front lines.
Wilson described Hitler’s rise to power as being comparable to a democratic process similar to the one in the United States. He explained how the Nazi’s had one election fairly in 1930 and 1932 to achieve more seats to slowly gain control. From that aspect, Wilson was unable to put up an valid argument as to how the Nazi party took over most of the seats. However, Wilson was able to put up an good argument in regards to the presidency of Hitler and how he had achieved it. Wilson believed Hitler did not earn the presidency because of the fact Hitler had taken over for the deceased...

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