A Narrative Of Events Since August 1834

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The history of the Caribbean has changed our world and how we see it today, we can see how each country and island provides a great deal of information that connects them to a greater whole. Places like Jamaica have experienced a great deal of change since the colonial times, the people that now reside on the island now have freedoms that others did not; if we take a look back during the early 1800s, people still worked under the weight of slavery. Soon that would change under the new apprenticeship period. The people that lived under the apprenticeship were mistreated more during this time period, than they were under slavery and they were only free to certain extents. After reading A NARRATIVE OF EVENTS,SINCE THE FIRST OF AUGUST, 1834, by James Williams, who was an apprenticed laborer in Jamaica, we can see that during this time period it was a tough and a hard fought life. People like James Williams were beaten and whipped day after day proving that the new apprenticeship was a depressing and harsh time period in Jamaica.
Through the reading by James Williams, we get a firm understanding of what is going on during this time period in Jamaica and what people are going through under the new apprenticeship. James discusses how he is eighteen years old and how he is mistreated during this time, “Apprentices get a great deal more punishment now than they did when they was slaves; the master take spite” (page 1) . Since these people are now free they have to endure the physical barriers of society and also the economic hardship. People like James Williams have no education and don’t understand why they are being beaten from time to time. His master, who
previously was a slave owner, most likely resents the idea of apprenticeship and he can’t comprehend why these people should work in these free conditions. Through the reading, we can see a concealed argument in the words of the author he discusses how he is being flogged and mistreated by his master and is doing nothing wrong to deserve this. If we take a look at this time period, many Blacks were still being ill-treated even though their full emancipation came in 1834. We can see through the reading that there is a lot of racial discrimination going on, it’s mainly under the breath of the master but we understand where he stands on the scale. We can see that he talks about how he is being mistreated under the new system and it is worse than being under slavery with the sheer amount of beatings and floggings we can just see how inhumane these people were in Jamaica they had no respect for Blacks and where they stood in society. “I never do such thing, and offer to bring evidence about it; he refuse to hear me or my witness; would not let me speak; he sentence me to get 39 lashes” (page 2) . James was being lashed for crimes that he didn’t even commit and he questions why this is happening to him, he just can’t comprehend what his master is thinking. The same idea that the new system is...

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