A Narrative Written About A Girl Struggling On If She Will Have An Abortion Or Not.

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To Have or Not to Have“BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” She awoke to the sound of the alarm on her nightstand. She struggled to reach for the alarm and turn it off. She fell back onto her bed, and laid on her back staring at the ceiling. “Why did I do that?” she whispered to herself as the thoughts of that night flew through her brain like a rollercoaster.
The memories of that night were very clear as she thought back. “Ally where are you going?” asked her mother, as she was walking towards the door. “Oh Jack wanted me to come hang out at his house for a while tonight,” she replied, as she opened the door. “Alright well remember to be home by midnight,” her mother reminded her. “I know, like always! Ok night mom,” and the door closed behind her. Jack was her boyfriend, and his parents were out of town that night. He had invited her over and after a while of convincing, she agreed to come. She wished she had never walked out the door that night.
That was in the past now. She had to look ahead to the future. Today would play a big role in her future. Today, Ally was going to buy a pregnancy test. She got out of bed, prepared for school, and she was on her way to school. Ally was a senior this year in high school. One of the best times in her life would be ruined if the results to today’s test were positive. “HONK!!” An angry man honking at her from behind brought her back to reality as she noticed the light had turned green. A few minutes later she pulled into the school parking lot.
School took her mind off the terrible truth that could come into existence with just a small plus sign. She got through school but her mind was on other things. Ally was always a smart girl with a 3.6 GPA and she barely had to work for it, but in this moment she felt like the stupidest girl on the planet. The 3pm bell finally rang. She was walking out to her car when her best friend Courtney came up to her. “Hey girl!” she said as she approached Ally with a smile. “Hi Courtney, what’s up?” she replied in a monotone voice. “Well you just were looking kind of down today. Like you didn’t even talk to me all day,” Courtney said in a concerned voice. “I just have a lot on my mind that’s all.” Ally started walking again. “Well if I can help out let me know. You know that’s what best friends are for. Anyways I have to hang out with Jordan today,” Courtney’s boyfriend, “His family is having a cookout. So I’ll talk to ya later!” She ran off to Jordan’s jeep where he was waiting for her.
Ally wished she could have nothing to worry about but a cook-out right about now, but she had bigger things planned. She headed off in her car towards the nearest quick mart. She had a sharp pain in her stomach. Finally she arrived at the store and went inside to find the judgment stick. She picked it up and took it to the counter. The clerk smiled a little as she rung her out and said “Good luck missy.” That’s defiantly what she needed, good luckWhen she got back home her parents were not there. They both...

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