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Friday, November,22,2013, marked 50 years since John F. Kennedy was assassinated. November, 22, 1963 JFK and his wife Mrs. Kennedy was visiting Dallas, Texas all kinds of people were standing on the crowed sidewalks to see the president pass by in the motorcade. Suddenly three shots were fired and there was Mr. Kennedy slimped over the front seat with Mrs. Kennedy holding him, people couldn’t believe there eyes. He was rushed to the hospital where he died shortly after, Lyndon B. Johnson became the next president after being sworn in on the Air Force One plane back to Washington D.C. After JFK was assassinated a lot has changed in America, some might wonder how different might have it been if he wasn’t killed that day. Three ways JFK’s death changed America would be Television Surpassed Newspapers, A Full-On U.S Millitary Engagement in Vietnam, and his Views on Cutting Taxes, and Government Assisted Programs.
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V. Fifty years later more people are still watching TV instead of waiting for it to be printed on newspapers.
Another way things changed is a Full-On Military Engagement in Vietnam. In 1960 when JFK was elected president he was against sending troops to Vietnam, but when Lyndon B. Johnson was elected president in 1963 he sent troops over. Some might say that pointless, because the war was never won. When JFK was president U.S. involvement escalated in the early 1960s with troop levels trilping in 1961 and again in 1962 (from 900 to 16,000).
The last way things have changed JFK’s death is his views on cutting taxes and government assaisted programs. When Kennedy was president he was for cutting taxes, and reducing governemt assisted programs such as food stamps, Medicare, and Mesicaid. Even though Kennedy’s administration was focused on the foreign policy, he also had a domestic agenda which he called “The New Frontier.” In this agenda came some of the biggest expansions of the welfare state since Franklin D. Roosvelt’s “New Deal.” From reintroducing the food stamp program to increasing Social Security benefits by 20% to incentivize early retirement. But with the 1964 Democratic landside it gave the party something that has never been done before two-thirds majority in both the house and the senate, which means it gave them the ability to pass anything and everything speedy quick. Also with a two-thirds majority vote in both houses of congress as well as the president that won over 60% of the popular vote, came the dawn of the Great Society plus all of the Legislation history that it produced.
Many things have changed the years since JFK’s death some good, some bad, and some that probably could have been changed differently but one thing we cannot change is Friday, November, 22, 50 years ago. Many people cried some not really even knowing him anymore than him ad their president, but they felt as if they knew him. I think that it says a lot of JFK as a pwerson, and to stop and think about how much things could have been different if he wasn’t killed. JFK’s death ha touched our nation forever.

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