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The National Identification System Essay

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National identity cards definition and how it is used
National Identification System which I call NIS is a form of identification card that is a “portable document, typically a plasticized card with digitally-embedded information” (Rouse, 2010). Most of us carry around a form of NIS which confirms our identity, like our drivers licenses.
The National Identification System (NIS) card uses a type of biometric system like the iris to help to identify the person; one organization, which uses this form of identification, is the United States Immigrations office. My green card has my biometric fingerprint and information like when I first came to the United States and if was here as a resident or here in the US on a Visa. My card also let anyone who requests my identification when it will expire just like our driver licenses, except if I let mines expire I could be deported if I cannot prove I have a right to be in the US. This form of identification helps us to work in the US, apply for a social security card, get financial aids, and a driver's license just to name a few, but if this information is not with while we are traveling to some areas in the US and we are stopped for identification check it can create a that problem we all fear which is being detained by immigration until they can verify our identity or deported us if the information cannot be traced that we are here legally.
Is it possible or impossible to safeguard the information that is contained on a high-tech national identity card?
It is impossible to safeguard any of our information just in general so it would be impossible to safeguard our information on a national identification card. We live in a world that have hackers and vast technology which can be penetrated no matter how many safeguards we put in place. The data base that would be responsible for housing all our personal information can be hacked and if it is “the results could be unthinkable: a person could have his or her identity completely erased; perfect, untraceable identity theft would be possible; and a terrorist could be given a clean cover story” (M.U.S.E., 2013, p. 2). Can you image the chaos that would create?
All we can do if we go this route is do what we can to safeguard our citizens and their personal information, but it is never going to be possible to safeguard them from losing their personal information or even being totally erased forever in a world that is so technologically bound.
Good or bad idea to include personal information, criminal history, or mental health problems on NIS encoded cards
My philosophy is that it is a good and bad idea to have as much information on these cards as possible. I do not care is organizations like NSA want to listen or know all my personal business, but some people do. Having information like this is a two edged sword because it will bring up what they feel is their right to privacy which is not really specified in the bill of rights parse or the...

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