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A National Form Of Health Care

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The United States health insurance system is broken and corrupt with an unjust balance in the distribution of benefits whether by state, employer, income, or insurance carrier. Millions of Americans are needlessly suffering and dying while the nation’s largest health insurance providers are raking in billions of dollars in revenue every year because of the simple fact they either do not provide adequate health insurance to their customers or they make it too expensive for many employers to offer health insurance to their employees, denying coverage altogether. Under the current health care system, too many Americans are unable to keep themselves healthy and alive. From the most vulnerable, our youngest children to our oldest seniors, and everyone in between, our country beckons for a change in the way health insurance is provided. I strongly believe that a national form of health care should be established to prevent unfair health insurance practices and discrimination.
Today, it is estimated that one in every 110 children is diagnosed with autism, making it more common than childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes and pediatric AIDS combined. Approximately 1.5 million individuals in the U.S. are affected by autism and those figures are rising by up to 17 percent annually. (Autism Speaks, n.d.) However, in over half of the states in America, young children with autism sit in a world of solitude and confusion, unable to speak and not knowing how to communicate with anyone. Thirsty, hungry, scared, or hurting no one really knows. No matter how much they love them, their parents don’t know how to reach them – how to help them. The health insurance in their states provides no assistance even though they have a medical diagnosis from an insurance plan authorized physician. In fact, according to Autism Speaks, most insurance companies designate autism as a diagnostic exclusion, meaning that no autism-specific services are covered (Autism Votes, 2011). These children could grow up essentially alone in their own torment, develop all kinds of problem behaviors and may develop a pattern of hurting themselves out of frustration. They will be shuffled through the public school system that offers no real education for them. By the time they become adults, many of them will likely be institutionalized for the rest of their lives, requiring around the clock care and costing taxpayers billions and billions of dollars in the process. In other states young children with autism are learning to communicate using sign language, picture exchange systems, or augmentive communication devices. They can tell their moms and dads when they are thirsty, hungry, and hurting along with many other things. The health insurance in these states provide a team of professionals that provide scientifically proven methods to develop a wide range of skills in autistic learners and to teach parents how to help their children communicate, use the potty, get dressed,...

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