A Need To Belong To Something

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As a baby she never did much crying. As a little kid, she rarely talked. As a teen, she pretty much hung out by herself. Some called her a loner, for she was rarely ever seen with anyone. But for Nancy Reerdon it just seemed second nature to be that way.

Perhaps this was due to her upbringing. One of six children, her voice was often quieted, so that one of the others could be heard, or because her parents were sick and tired of the noise. They seemed loving enough, however. They did a few things together every now and then. Went on family vacations, went on picnics. Nancy was always ignored, though. She was the farthest apart, age wise, from everyone else. Her three older siblings were all two years apart from each other. She came about six years later. And then four more years after her, her mom had two more kids who were one year apart. So there she was, stuck in the middle, and always left alone.

As a teen, she began to see the advantages of being so left alone and labeled as the quiet one. Her parents never really questioned anything she did. If she wanted to go and do something, it was okay. Of course, she never wanted to do anything. For a little bit of time, Nancy was close with her mother. They talked all the time about different things, and Nancy actually believed her mom and her knew a lot about each other.

Over time, Mrs. Reerdon could see the need that Nancy had for friendship, and however much Nancy tried to deny it, she knew her mother was right. The more that she pushed her daughter into socializing, though, the more Nancy withdrew from it all and the further apart her and her mother grew. Finally, her junior year of high school, she decided to join a club. The National Honor Society. It was there that she met her best friend for life, Elizabeth Bartlet.

Elizabeth Bartlet was quite the opposite of what Nancy Reerdon was. She was energetic, athletic and very outgoing. She was the oldest of three girls, and came from a very involved family. Liz, as she was called by everyone except her father, was a very popular person. She was the class president, captain of the softball
team, president of NHS, the french club, and a few other organizations in school.

The day that Nancy joined the NHS, she sat in the very back of the classroom and quietly paid attention to everything that went on. When it was time to go, however, she was unable to make her usual quiet exit. As she approached the front of the classroom, she bumped into Liz on accident and all of their things scattered about all over the classroom.

Nancy apologized profusely, even though it was only partially her fault. She bent over right away and began to pick the papers and things up. Liz frowned and got down as well, helping her to pick the items up. Upon doing so, Liz came across several personal papers that belonged to Nancy and could not help but to get a good look at them.

Some of the things she'd dropped were drawings. Sketches she'd done just for fun. Very detailed...

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