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In the Adolescent Sexual Health in Europe and the US by Advocates for Youth, Ammie Feijoo writes,“The United States’ teen pregnancy rate is almost three times that of Germany and France, and over four times that of the Netherlands.”(Feijoo) The United States would not have triple the teen pregnancy rate if it’s young people were educated about sex as properly as Europe’s young people. In addition, she writes on contraceptive use, she says that France’s, The Netherlands’ youth are more likely to be protected during sex than America’s youth. The biggest difference was in the pill, French females were twice as likely to use the pill than American females. Than even worse Germans were five times more likely, than the Dutch, who were six times more likely.(Feijoo) Would the United States have such a contraceptive problem if they didn’t have only abstinence-based, fear-based sex education. Josh Goodman, a psychology grad, wrote for Huffington Post, “Notably, the same GLSEN survey found that LGBT students at schools with LGBT-inclusive curricula were less likely to be harassed than LGBT students at other schools, and were twice as likely (67 percent vs. 33 percent) to report that their peers accepted LGBT people.” (Goodman). Like in most Western Cultures, sex-positive sex education; sex education that teaches safer sex and positive, open environment around sex topics, would lead to a use of more contraceptives, less teen pregnancy, and less adversity towards minority sexuality groups in the United States, though some would disagree saying that it would lead to more deviant behaviour.
There are many types of contraception from the pill to condoms, but there also many unknown types of contraception that should be covered in America’s sex education.Planned Parenthood released a series of videos as a group about birth control hosted by Laci Green that covered condoms, the Pill, the NuvaRing, the Shot, the Implant, the IUD, the Morning After Pill, and the Patch. First, the condom, which has many variations in material and gender variation. Materials used in condoms are latex, polyurethane, polyisoprene, and lambskin, each of which comes in a male and female version. Male condoms wrap around the penis like a glove. Female condoms go inside the vaginal canal and go around the vulva which can help protect from skin-to-skin transmitted STIs more than male condoms, but they have a slightly higher failure rate. Latex is the most commonly used, but some people have a latex allergy so other types are needed. Polyurethane and polyisoprene are the two latex alternatives that do not transmit STDs, while lambskin is a natural condom that is porous that STDs and STIs can get through.(Condom) There are also different types of female birth control, hormonal and nonhormonal. First, there the Pill, a hormonal method, which as Doctor Thieler, medical director of PPNE, states, the pill works by either making your ovaries not produce eggs so ovulation does not occur or...

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