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A Never Ending Enlightenment Essay

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Learning is a simple word for many, it is a simple process for many, and is easily accessible to anyone. For some, education has become less of a priority. Skipping school, dropping out, and failing a class is becoming more accepted in our society. While there are a few success stories of dropouts; Steve Jobs (creator of Apple Inc.), Coco Chanel (fashion designer), Mark Zuckerberg (chairman and CEO of Facebook), Bill Gates (creator of Microsoft Inc.), Walt Disney (founder of Disney), Oprah Winfrey (chairwoman and CEO of Harpo Productions and former talk show host), Ellen DeGenres (comedian and talk show host), and F. Scott Fitzgerald (novelist and poet), all had an education they strived for on their own. They had determination, stability, and perhaps a stroke of luck; traits that most aren’t gifted with. Education is important to develop social skills, becoming independent, determine your life goals and future career.
“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”- Malcolm X
Communication is seen and used all over the world. Roughly 6,500 different languages are spoken worldwide. Contrary to popular belief, constantly talking isn't necessarily communicating. Connecting with someone in a conversation calls for body language, charisma, and genuine interest. Social skills are a given with education. Vocabulary and sentence fluency is
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learned through reading and writing. Students are not always aware that they are given reading assignments and essays to write for the benefit of becoming cordial. Different topics that are
learned through lectures, research, and experiments can be discussed in every day conversation. Most of all, the exposure to others can increase self esteem and self confidence, (with the exception of home schooling). Charisma and the comfort of speaking to crowds is built over time, through giving presentations and giving feedback to your peers.
Being independent and self-reliable is crucial growing up in the big bad world. Getting a job or starting a career isn’t going to be handed to you, especially if one lacks self determination and individualism. High school education can give one responsibilities they never knew they would use in the real world. Assignments in high school that have deadlines can form good habits for one’s future, as life is full of deadlines; especially in a workplace and paying bills. High school teachers can be forgiving with your grades and late assignments, but in college that won’t slide. Forgetting to pay your bills, taxes, and mortgage on time can lead to hefty fees and getting a building a lousy credit score. Being punctual to every class can create a routine that is helpful for the rest of your life such as showing up to work on time or making a good impression being early to a job interview. Being late to work can result to being fired from your boss, and being late to a job interview gives the employer the idea that you...

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