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Marissa tapped the glass separating her from the cab driver. “Please drop me off on next corner.” The cabbie nodded. Weaving through the traffic he pulled over.
Marissa reached over paid the cabbie and gather up her stuff before he pulled away. Stepping out into the busy street Marissa’s senses were immediately awaken. Closing her eyes she inhaled the aromas. She loved Brooklyn. Smells of Egyptian Musk, THAI food, beef patties,. Marissa closed her eyes and listened to the street symphony. It was the lull of the patois, screeching of tires, blend of music, voices, vendors she missed it greatly.

Suddenly Marissa felt a vibration, she reached into her bag and pulled out her phone. ...view middle of the document...

Before she knew it arms sculpted from perfection had embraced her.
Closing her eyes briefly Marissa could not help but feel like she had come home. Subconsciously she inhaled and almost whimpered as the smell of Egyptian Musk.
Marissa gently pulled back her heart was beating out of her chest she prayed he couldn’t hear it. “I guess we better get going before you get a ticket”
Jason smile as held opened the passenger door. Marissa stepped backwards and turned into the car (note: how can I word differently).
Jason leaned over and whispered. “You smell good” as he closed the door. He sauntered over to the driver’s side before the traffic cop could pull up.
“I still don’t understand why do didn’t let me pick you up in the city”. Jason began
Marissa touched his arm gently instantly regretting it as she felt the solidness of the muscle, “Don’t start” she said cutting him off before he could ask further questions.
Jason glanced over at her, one eyebrow raised – “Well if you are going to grab me like that…”
Laughing nervously, Marissa put her hands back in her lap and absently twisted the ring on her right hand. Feeling Jason’s eyes on her she sighed, turned and looked out the window while and smoothing out her dress. Perhaps the red fitted scoop back dress she picked up from Saks was not such a good idea.
“Why are you so nervous? It’s just two friends grabbing a bite to eat
Marissa didn’t immediately answer rather she continued to look as the scenery start to change
“Where are we going?” Marissa finally asked
“Do you like Thai” Jason responded
“I don’t eat it every day but I do enjoy good Thai when I can get it” Marissa replied
“Good There is a spot I would like to take you to”
“Sure,” Marissa answered sneaking a sideways glance. He hasn’t aged she thought silently.
“It’s a couple of miles from here make yourself comfortable… You look like you want to jump out of the car.”
They both laughed. Marissa stretched her legs and leaned back in the soft leather and closed her eyes briefly
“You’re still running?” Jason said…
Marissa turned and looked at him. He gestured toward her legs, “they still look good”
Marissa nodded, oddly relieved that he meant her daily punishment, rather than the turmoil in her head.
“The neighborhood has changed it looks so different” Marissa remarked.
Jason smiled slightly, “Yes, more eclectic restaurants, different types of people and money has been pouring in…trailing off he glanced over… “Hey” he said softly “are you okay?”
Marissa was still looking out of the window but slowly she turned –“ I wish I could give you a simple answer, I have a lot on my mind but don’t know where to start”
“Yes” Jason exclaimed as he parked his car into a recently vacated spot. “Here we are.” Jason parked the car and made his way over to Marissa’s door before she could grad her door handle.
Jason offered her his elbow, accepting, together they entered the restaurant.
The hostess looked appreciative at Jason, “How many?” she...

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