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A New Changed Essay

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There are two voices in me, each one take me to a different direction. One is my mom and the other is my memory of the Dominican Republic. When my memories speak I only think of going back to the Dominican Republic . I remember when I was growing up back home, I used to go to the river, ride horses and not go to school .It was fun to me riding horses and racing my cousin.We rode near the river and the horses didn’t belong to us ,but we caught them “ loco agarra aquel”, my cousin always used to tell me because I was the last one to catch the horse.After that we raced and the owner would go to my grandmother and tell her “Ana hay estaba su Nieto montando caballo dígale algo ante que le de una pidra” and my grandmother was just like us and responded “ entose no deje su caballo suelto’’ .
When the other voices comes it speaks about my mom “look at your mother what she did for you,look at her she needs help’’ .The voices act ...view middle of the document...

There two voices in me ,one night I was thinking about my mother, the nice times we spent together ,the things she did for me.I remembered the time the phone was ringing ‘tururu tururu’ it was a call from the hospital.They said she was dead. I was very scared, I was around 7, I didn’t know why she was in the hospital I knew it was a dark night. I stayed with my grandmother. All I thought it was , why now, why her, what will happen with me.My brother was not there same with my two sisters .Maybe they were at a party .However it was the day I experience the lost of the person I love the most, but also the most happiest moment of my life.When the hospital call and said that she came back, it was like in a moment there was a storm inside me with no words to say I cry ,in one sencan a rainbow came out and the sun was bright and those tears was gone .How can I forget that ? If everyday I think about the day I left home and was waiting in the airport.That coming to New York was my dream like most people in the Dominican Republic and finally I was here , but I never knew how much I will miss home,that everything was so different .That “mi mama y mi abuela’’ was the reason I was fighting for my dreams. Let me tell you growing in New York has been hard for specially going to school and learning. My father and I always fight just because I didn’t want to learn. But like every night I used to look outside before going to sleep and cry, but there was a different , this night I thought about a God the everyone was talking about and that day I promise God that if he help me, I will give him my everything, but he have to help in my school ,and help me give my mother a better life.Sends that day my Academy skill changed ,My belief in a God became bigger.I always tell my cousin , our future depend on us ,do you want God to be in your future, he can changed you, but you need to let him changed you the same way I let him.Now I have a purpose in my life and I still do, that one day I will graduate and give my mother the life she deserve, that I will be the first to graduate from my brother and sisters.I Isaias can not do more them give thanks to God for what I have and for what I will fight for.

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