A New Church Designed For You

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Churches all over the United States have been shrinking for years and the Protestants have lost more than 1 millions members. So when you hear that a new mega church emerges of every two day it is hard to believe. How is that even possible?

But the fact is that the Evangelism is the fastest growing religion in the United States today. Around 26% of the country is white evangelical and 10% are black evangelical, which makes evangelism the largest force in U.S. Religion. There are many reasons for why Evangelism is so fast growing, and one of them is that the evangelism churches will almost do anything to attract new “followers” and they have started o become more like business with a marketing strategy than a preaching of the gospel an Jesus Christ.

As said the Evangelism Churches are borrowing tools and models from marketing and the business world. The evangelism churches really want to have a broad target group and show that there is a church for everyone. The reason for this is that now a day people do not attend church just because there is a bible study group or someone they know is attending. They need to be able to do something that interests them. So the evangelism churches try to show that their churches are not only a place for worship but also a place that provide physical needs and wants, like food. The Evangelism Churches are also reaching out to people with different “needs”, like people who are feeling lonely and don’t have a partner, have a depression, need anger management or other emotional or mental difficulties. The last kind of strategy that the Evangelism Churches are borrowing is that the churches try to have as many specialized services for all kind of different people in all areas of life. So the evangelism churches have started to provide specials services like cooking lessons and café with the appeal of Starbucks.
You may think that this sounds fantastic and you would definitely join and that is exactly what the evangelism churches want you to think.
Because time is changing and new technology is being developed and that is were
But there are always pros and cons to these new methods. A major pro is that you are now more able than ever to find a church that is just the right fit for you, whether you are a family in a crisis, a cowboy, attending college or have a passion for cooking. This is good marketing! It shows that all people are welcome and should feel welcome. When the evangelism church put up TV’s and broadcast their Sunday sessions live on television, they also show that they are technological flexible and can change with time. They want all people to enjoy the church and not feel like it is a duty. With more entertainment like church music in different genres and a redesign of the bible you are more likely to have a positive experience when you visit. Because all this sounds way better than a church where there is a grumpy and cranky priest and you have a two hour long serving, were all...

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