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A New E Australia As A Potential Foreign Investment From A Chinese Investor Point Of View

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Globalization has been one of the most popular words and a new idea which influents for every country and individual person in recent years. Foreign investment exists in most countries now. As the biggest country in the South Pacific, Australia has attracted a lot of foreign investors from different areas in the world. This essay will introduce Australia briefly, the relationship with Asian countries; and then, the first issues will investigate Australia's economic environment through several aspects for high-technological industries invest climate in the second part of the essay. Then, there are some suggestions about investment in Australia will be given for Chinese potential ...view middle of the document...

Nowadays, business environment has changed is includes not only new technology and products, but also new way of organizing and new political environment, even new cultural globalization (Hill, 2003). Australian international business environment is of critical importance because it provides both opportunities and risks. By industry, the Australian advantage for high-tech sector begins with its cultural diversity, economic strengths, correspondent supports and the whole stability in the region.

1 The Sociocultural and Political Environment
Socioculture is a symbol and feature of a region. Modern international business actually is a new challenge of combining multi-cultures perfectly as well as cooperation among several enterprises. "By cross-cultural literacy, we mean an understanding of how cultural differences across and within nations can effect the way in which business is practiced." (Hill, 2003, p88).

Australia is a tolerant and inclusive society, a nation built by people from many different backgrounds. Cultural diversity has become a touchstone of its national identity. Australia is an open, generous, energetic and dynamic state with abundant natural resources (landscape, plant, animal). People enjoin a high level of national prosperity and love life, lifestyles---leisure. From last century, Australia has adopted advanced technology, immigrants and a large amount of tourists. It makes Australia has become one of the most successful multicultural countries in the world. The new Asian immigrants bring new business idea and create thousands of job opportunities to promote this large market. Eastern and Western cultures can be combined here harmoniously.

As Australia entered the 20th century, its population consisted of a relatively small number of Indigenous peoples and the majority of Europeans, most of whose origins lay in the British Isles. In 2000, its population grew from 3.8 million to more than 18.77 million (Glynn, 2000). Australia is home to people from more than 140 countries and has an enviable international reputation for its diversity and tolerance.

A stable political framework is the basic of business investment. There are some cases of investment in some Southeast of Asian countries because of the cheap labor force or row materials failed as the result of the Asian economic crisis and shaking governments.

A key area of the Australian Government's structural reform program since 1996 has been the promotion of more flexible labor market (Glynn, 2000). Australian has a comprehensive economic policy framework in place. Policy reforms have been pursued actively to ensure that economy is globally competitive and remains an attractive destination for investment. Australia leads the Asia Pacific region in the transition to e-government, according to the report of the United Nations in 2002, Australia ranks second only to the United States (A Competitive Economy, 2003). Australia's strong e-government...

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