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A New Era Of Love: Interracial Dating And Marriage

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“Night and the day, when united, bring forth the beautiful light.”- Victor Hugo. According to a chart presented by the United States Census Bureau, there has been a sharp increase in interracial marriage since the passing of the Supreme Court’s decision that deemed anti-miscegenation laws unconstitutional in 1967. This was passed due to the case of Loving vs. Virginia, in which a newly married Virginian couple was arrested because they were of two races; black and white. Interracial dating was the next step in desegregation in America, although there are some who still oppose it today. However, despite the increase in interracial dating and marriages, many people still have negative attitudes towards interracial relationships, including Christians, who are called to be loving towards others (Knox, Zusman, Buffington, and Hemphill, 2000). The high majority of Christian people who oppose interracial dating and marriage today is due not to racism, but because of their misinterpretation of the Bible. The Christian reader will be must be able to decide whether those arguments are wrong, using the actual Bible, as well as other non-secular sources to show why interracial dating should not be viewed negatively, while also showing the benefits that come along with dating someone of a different race of their own. However, it is still up to the reader to decide if the information is beneficial to their belief.
The increase in the proportion of marriages that are interracial, reflects a general decrease in overt racism in the United States over the last several decades. Although racism has declined, many researchers believe that individuals express their negative attitude toward other races through “aversive racism”, defined as personally avoiding members of other races, while publicly supporting racial equality. In 1967, Congress decreed that all laws stating that interracial marriages were illegal were invalid (Gaines & Leaver, 2002). Though the abolished laws do not affect the following generations directly, they still have an indirect effect on them because of the attitudes against interracial marriage that were harvested in the older generation. The older generation continues the prejudice against interracial dating and marriage by passing along their views to their children and grandchildren. Though there are some who still oppose interracial unions, studies show that in a few decades, interracial children will be a dominate part of the population. Also, according to the US Bureau, in 2010, 2.9% of the population (approximately nine million) multiracial Americans were recorded living in the country; a huge rise from the 1960-70‘s, showing the increase in tolerance of interracial couples. By looking at these numbers, it is evident that interracial dating/marriage will continue to increase and maybe one day exhaust the racism formed from the older generation.
The verse that Christians use when they argue that interracial dating/marriage is...

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