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A New Experiance: Challenges As A Music Teacher

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Challenges comes in many different shapes and forms. Arising on the dependence of the environment. These past few weeks, I have not only had the privilege to observe music education being taught in high school, but elementary as well. Being able to witness a different learning environment opened my eyes to new future challenges that may arise in the future. As a music teacher, I may have the responsibility to not only teach high school students, but elementary and middle school students as well. These levels each hold their own challenges, and teaching approaches may vary slightly depending on the grades. I have addressed the challenges when it concerns high school students in my last reflection, in this paper, I will discuss the challenges that arise in primary and middle school, in which also includes junior high.
As I observed the grades 2nd to 8th grade choirs, I have discover some challenges in which hold similarities with those of high school students yet differ in many other aspects. Like high school students, there are some students who hold insecurities or apathies regarding music. However, engaging these younger students can be much more difficult as compared to the upper grades, as I have seen. Students tend to be much more hesitant, and even if they have a strong singer beside them or if it is a musical piece that they enjoy, they may still not participate in singing. These age groups are also prone to be more distracted than those of high school students. Chances of tantrums are much higher and these students are less able to stay idle and focus. I was intrigued by this observation, for I was also in choirs at those grades, and I have never realized how difficult it was to maintain control of younger students.
As one disciplines and teaches students, on must keep the students themselves in mind. Yes, every student is different. But when concerning elementary and junior high students, a teacher must be much more sensitive when dealing with them. Since they are more likely to fall into tantrums and tend to be more sensitive, the way you...

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