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A New Generation Of Teenage Drivers

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A new generation of teenage drivers embark on the open road every year. With this new generation of teenage drivers comes a set of skills and responsibilities that the adolescent drivers are going to have to learn. Operating a motor vehicle is a task that requires an immense amount of skill, responsibility, and knowledge, and the process of obtaining a license in Indiana should be more difficult. With more rigorous and time consuming driver’s education courses, harder licensing exams, and a stronger presence of parents in the early months of holding a driver’s license, the number of teen deaths related to motor vehicles would not be as astronomical as it is today.
The rules and regulations today are not as extensive as they should be. At age fifteen, one is eligible to obtain a learner’s permit if enrolled in a driver’s education program. Driver’s education consists of thirty hours of classroom/online lessons and six hours of driving with a professional driving instructor. However, completion of driver’s education is not required to receive a permit. With a learner’s permit, new drivers may only drive with an already licensed driver at least twenty-five years old, a licensed spouse at twenty-one years old, or a certified driving instructor.
At sixteen years of age, a learner’s permit is available to teenagers without enrollment in driver’s education. In order to receive the permit, the teenager must take both a vision exam and a written knowledge test. After the permit is awarded, one must complete fifty hours of driving practice only with a licensed instructor, a licensed driver of at least twenty-five years old or a spouse at least twenty-one years old. Ten out of the fifty practice hours must be completed at night. This ensures that the new driver obtains experience multiple driving scenarios.
A teenager that has completed driver’s education may obtain a probationary license after 180 days, but a teenager that has not completed driver’s education must wait 270 days after receiving a learner’s permit. When a license is desired by a person that is eighteen years old or older, it will be awarded after a vision and written knowledge test have been taken. Someone under these circumstances may practice driving when accompanied by a licensed driver at least twenty-one years old (Indiana Department of Motor Vehicles). The New York Department of Safety used the teen-centered method- a research technique that used teens' own perceptions of risk and safety, both as driver and passenger- to gain better insight into teens' viewpoints on driving and the factors that contribute to their safety (Sloviter, n.pag.). This gave officials in New York a better insight to the thought process of young drivers. These set rules and regulations are not enough to keep the youth of America safe and sound while on the road.
What would the majority of people think of as the leading cause of teenage deaths in 2010? When dealing with teenage deaths, most people bring...

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