A New High For Society Essay

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According to a recent study taken by the Gallup Poll, taken by the US government, states that 58 percent a clear majority are in favor of legalization of recreational marijuana; compared to the 39 percent that say no and the additional three percent who are unsure. Although the majority of American’s are in favor of recreational marijuana federal law challenges the optimism of Americans. In 48 states marijuana is classified as a “controlled substance” putting Americans at risk of a felony charge and permanently altering the life of an individual. By letting the voters choose, we can truly see the democracy America has to offer while creating a flourishing economy simply by opening up ...view middle of the document...

The first thing that separates Colorado from the rest of America is that it is full of motivated self-starters. Currently Colorado has over 500 dispensaries of marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes. As the rush to Colorado drives down the unemployment rate the entrepreneurs aren’t the only ones to drive up a profit; there is the macroeconomics approach looking at the entire process of producing and supplying marijuana. When looking at the job outlook of the marijuana the industry can only skyrocket upwards as job fairs in Colorado now look to employ many curious adolescents. When observing the empirical evidence about employment Colorado is soon to become a future outlier compared to other US states. According to the Department of Numbers Colorado peaked its unemployment rate at approximately 9.1 percent in 2010 and is currently at 6.2 percent, which is significantly under the national average of 6.7 percent. Marijuana employs farmers, electricians, landlords, and lawyers and many more all in the process of producing marijuana. Additionally, the one industry that is truly thriving from the boom is the research and development part of marijuana. Developing new ways to distribute marijuana in various ways is expanding the wholesale industry as marijuana is now being distributed in many different forms.
Furthermore with the exuberant marijuana recreational market there has become an immense surplus in revenues. The first big externality is the public revenues that are being accumulated as Colorado’s experiment begins to carry on. As the stock market continues to remain quiet investors are eyeing up potential investment ideas look the hidden marijuana stocks. Some stocks such as: HEMP and CBIS have been up 559 percent and 255 percent additionally and are going to be viewed as hot stocks of the year. As concerns for Colorado rise it is very unfamiliar to a growing recreational marijuana market yet, it managed to create a total of 14 million dollars in total revenue and develop over 2 million dollars in tax revenue.
With the enormous numbers like these the public outside of Colorado begins to be concerned for the citizens of Colorado. The lifestyles of those residing or touring Colorado have become contradictory to the social norm and drive concern about new hobbies. John Hickenlooper, the governor of Colorado, address all the concerned citizens by developing a plan to protect the environment of all citizens. According to the Kristen Wyat. Colorado Pot Market Exceeds Tax Hopes, Huffington Post the plan that John Hickenlooper is planning to obtain gives back to the citizens of Colorado will be in three parts: youth prevention, substance addition, and to public health. With sales tax that is predicted to be approximately 12.9 percent of the total sales tax surplus of tax revenues is beneficial for government spending. With excess tax revenues that will have surpassed the predicted amount, the government plans to allocate revenues...

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