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A New Hybrid Mcdm Approach Combining Fuzzy Rasch And Copras G For Supplier Selection

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In today’s highly viable atmosphere, supplier selection is a major concern in supply chain which subsidises to overall supply chain performance on quality and service, reducing purchasing cost and improves commercial competitiveness [1]. In contemporary years, under the constant pressure to reduce business costs and to deliver high-quality products to market quickly, companies are increasingly attracted to outsourcing by purchasing from suppliers key components or semi-finished products. The organizations that have gone down this route have achieved remarkable results [2]. While manufacturers are moving toward tighter coordination with their suppliers, managers in many corporations have been ...view middle of the document...

Extensive multi-criteria decision making approach have been proposed for supplier selection, such as Analytic hierarchy process(AHP), analytic network process(ANP), case-based reasoning(CBR), data envelopment analysis(DEA), fuzzy set theory, genetic algorithm, grey set theory, simple multi-attribute rating technique and their hybrid[6].Moreover, modern production systems such as Just-In-Time production and mass customization manufacturing presume the prompt supply of raw materials and outsourced parts in the expected quantity and with the expected quality [7]. The importance of these requirements is further underlined by the fact that many businesses are outsourcing their operations in order to utilize more efficiently worldwide resources. Hence, it is understandable that decision makers are increasingly concerned about the effectiveness and rationality of the supplier selection process followed by their organizations [8]. The selection of supplier plays a key role in an organization as the cost of raw material constitute main cost of final product. In a supply chain, almost half of its capital spent on total sale on purchasing raw material, sub-assemblies and components making supplier side in supply chain a vital link in cost-cutting opportunities [9]. Pearson and Ellram [10] found cross-functional team involvement in supplier selection influencing overall buying firm performance, pointing out for an effective method for collecting various influences of individual opinions, evaluations and ratings from various decision makers and applying in supplier selection problem. Strategic partnership with better performing suppliers should be integrated into the Supply Chain in reducing costs by eliminating wastages, improving quality to achieve zero defects, improving flexibility to meet end-customer needs, reducing lead time at different stages of the SC, and so on [11].
The decision makers (DMs) always express their preferences on alternatives or on the attributes of suppliers to rank or select the most desirable one. The preference information on alternatives of supplier and on attributes belongs to the DMs’ subjective judgements. In conventional MADM methods generally, DMs’ judgements are often uncertain and cannot be judged by a crisp value. Thus, the problem of selecting suitable suppliers under uncertainties becomes more difficult [12]. Supplier selection in supply chain is a time-consuming and intractable problem and largest drawback for marketing managers due to lack of deep knowledge, experience and strategic understanding. For the qualitative attributes, quantifying the uncertain information is actually a difficult task. That is why a fuzzy MCDM method is needed to handle the imprecise, vague and uncertain information in linguistic terms. Chou and Chang [13] presented a strategy-aligned fuzzy multi-attribute rating technique (SMART) strategy to identify and evaluate supplier selection criteria. Lee [14] developed a fuzzy analytical...

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