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In the novel, ‘A New Kind of Dreaming’ by Anthony Eaton, there are powerful and powerless characters. The powerful characters include Butcher and Cameron. The powerless characters are Jamie and Lorraine.
A powerful character in the novel was Butcher. Butcher is a sergeant; therefore the town is under his control. Butcher was big man not tall but fat and ‘’despite his size, the cop moved like lightening’’ (pg. 36). Butcher had it in for Jamie since he arrived, choking him on his arrival. Throughout the novel Butcher abuses his power, to cover up his crimes. Butcher knowing he is a respected sergeant uses Jamie to blame, knowing that the town people would take his word, over a boy that is just trouble. Positioning Jamie in powerless state knowing that ‘‘your word against mine. You really think a judge is gonna believe a teenage piece of dirt like you over a sergeant in the police force?" (pg.157). Reinforcing his belief that he could do what he wanted and get away with it. Butcher power increased as the novel progresses and Jamie found out more. Vandalising, threatening people, torturing and murder Butcher committed, as he was very dermatnaite to cover up his traces.

A powerful character throughout the novel is Cameron. Cameron is an influential strong character that believes in justice. Cameron’s charcristics help to strengthen Jamie emotional wellbeing. Although the whole town thought Jamie was trouble, Cameron was the one person who did not judge Jamie by what he heard. He was always friendly, polite, supportive and helpful. Initially Jamie was not fond of becoming friend with Cameron but as Cameron qualities were shown the more trust and loyalty was shown. As Jamie and Cameron’s relationship strengths, Cameron becomes more powerful. Cameron loyalty was shown when ‘’he appeared in the doorway’’ (pg.170). Cameron loyalty was a good quality in the text, as he was not afraid of any consequence. Cameron helped Jamie out with his plan, by telling him stories about Butcher, finding the map and helping Jamie with his plan.

A powerless character in the text is Lorraine. Lorraine is district officer that was taking care of Jamie. Jamie has had a tough life so seeing what he called ‘’ spot the social worked’’. Jamie realised Lorraine was not like any social worker thought when ‘’Lorraine pulled something...

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