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A New Approach To Transmission Power Control For Multihop And Single Hop Ws Ns.

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4.1 Simulation Environment

Our radio model uses characteristics similar to Telosb interface
and using ad hoc routing. Telosb uses CC2420 chip [cc2420chipcon]
, supporting eight different transmission power levels. Energy
consumptions for different transmission power levels are shown in
Table [tab:Telosb-Transmission-Power]. To simulate the typical
Telosb energy model in NS-2, we calculate the energy consumption
by each power level, given by: E=Pt, where power is the product
of the voltage and current drained at particular power level (P=VI
). Table [tab:Simulation-parameter-settings] shows our simulation

[float Table:
[Table 1:
Simulation Parameter Settings

| Parameter | Value |
| Channel carrier frequency | 2450 MHz |
| Data packet size | 25 bytes |
| Data rate | 12 kbps |
| RXthresh_ | -94 dB |
| Max Queue length | Large enough to avoid any drops |
| Radio propagation model | Freespace and reflection |
| Pt_ | 0,-1,-3,-5,-7,-10,-15,-25 dBm |
| Pt_consume, Pr_consume, P_idle | According to Telosb [cc2420chipcon] |
| Antenna gain | 0dB |
| Simulation area | 250m x 250m |
| Simulation time | 24,000 seconds |


[float Table:

[Table 2:
Telosb Transmission Power and
Current Drained


We simulate a basic chain topology, where the distance from a
source node to a destination node (sink) is kept constant at 120
meters. We also use the same traffic...

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