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A New Nation Essay

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While drafting the constitution in the 1780s, which was such a critical time for the new nation, many new inventions were created to benefit the people. The dangers that occurred by the economic crisis and the disappointment that came with the failure of the revolutionary’s expectations for a desperate need to improve were combined to make this decade a period of dissatisfaction and reconsideration to propose a new direction for the nation.
The new plan for the nation was called the federal constitution. It had been drafted by a group of national leaders in Philadelphia in 1787 that had presented it to the general public for consideration. Experiences had shown that unity was ...view middle of the document...

The distance lens was placed at the top and the up-close lens was placed at the bottom. Franklin also was a great lover of books. After many attempts to reach books on a high shelf was a challenge, in 1786 the ever resourceful Franklin solved the problem by inventing the “long arm,” which is simply a wooden pole with a grasping claw at the end. He was simply clever, effective, and a genius in recognizing what he and the people needed and pursued it in many scientific inventions.
Another notable person in inventions in the time of the new nation was John Fitch who was an inventor of the steamboat in April 1790. This steamboat was used for a whole summer as a regular passenger boat between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Burlington, New Jersey, with a speed of eight miles an hour. John Fitch was granted his first United States patent for a steamboat on August 26, 1791.

Of all the inventions in the nineteenth century, Alessandro Volta is the scientist who is one of the most striking. He invented the chemical battery (also called the voltaic pile) in 1800. This invention provided the first generator of continuous electrical current. Alessandro Volta built a stack of alternating silver and zinc discs, separated by cardboard soaked in salt water, and demonstrated that an electric current flowed when the top and bottom of the pile were connected. He got an electric shock by touching the top of the pile with one hand and the bottom with the other. You will see that French was...

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